Meal Plan 8th March #10

This week I feel like our meal plan is going to be a bit different to most other weeks. We have a couple of meals out and we are using some meals which we had in. We have still managed to do a wide range of meals which is always a bonus.  So I am going to share the meals which we are going to consume this week. I can not wait to consume some of these.

Monday– Mixed Grill and Wedges, this something which we have purchased already.  We got it when we visited the Tong Garden Centre, a mixed grill is something which Joe loves so we thought we would have one for this change. We are going to share the mixed grill and serve it with wedges instead of chips because we already have some in. This is going to be a meal which is simple but easy to make.

Tuesday– Chicken Stir Fry, this is a meal which Joe has been saying he fancies for a while. So it is something we are going to get around to making. Again when we visited the garden centre they had some good offers on the meat so we picked a kit up. This means that it is already seasoned and full of sauce. I seem to remember that it a Thai style which is always good to try something different.  Of course, it is pancake day as well so we will be having some pancakes maybe before tea so we can have them with Jess which is going to be a bonus.

Wednesday– Meatballs and Pasta. Shockingly I am not making my own meatballs as I have done in the past. This time we have actually purchased some to try they come in an Italian sauce which means we do not even have to do this.  I am either going to put this with some spaghetti or some pasta depending on which we actually fancy.  This for sure is one which I am looking forward to as well because meatballs are not something we have often.

Thursday – Chicken Curry, we actually got some curry pastes for Christmas. So I am going to attempt to make one of them I think I may try the Bali or the Thai first. I will let you know how it comes out, I do not know if I have high hopes for this. We are going to have this simple with rice and some Nan bread as well.  This again should be simple and full of flavour I am hoping so.

Friday– We are actually eating out with my parents on Friday. I am unsure where we are going to end up no doubt a local pub close to them before the rugby. It will be nice to go out for a meal with them as I don’t think we since we have moved. We do not have Jess either as she is at her other grandparents for the week.

Saturday– Mexican Burrito Rice Bowl this is another meal which Joe has chosen. Mexican as I have said previously is a type of food which I love. He was searching my Pinterest for inspiration when he came across this dish. To me, it sounds like it could be very nice and it is something different for this week. I am looking forward to it because it is something different to what we would normally choose. If it is nice I think I am going to share the recipe on my blog as well in a meal inspiration Monday post.

Sunday– this is likely to be a takeaway or sandwiches something quick. We actually may eat at a party which we are attending however, this does not finish till 7pm so when we get home is going to be closer to 9.  It does depend on how hungry we are to what we are going to eat that evening.  It is likely that Jess will end up been treated to another McDonald’s on the way back so we know she has been fed.

As you can see it is a little bit of a strange week for us a meal out and an undecided day.  I hope you have found some inspiration from the meals which we are going to have this week.  As always these posts are part of the meal plan linky ran by the lovely Katy. There is so many of us who join now you are bound to find some meal inspiration.


What are you consuming this week?


Charlotte xx

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