Meal Plan 8th February #6

It’s time to do another weekly meal plan these seem to be coming around fast at the moment. This is the first one which I have done in a few weeks which has been for more than just me. Joe is now home which makes meal planning a lot easier as we can bounce ideas off each other. It also means that I do not have to do all of the cooking it now can be shared again which is a huge bonus for me. So I am going to be sharing the meals which we are going to be eating this week. There is a random selection.

Monday- Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes, Sweet Potato Wedges and Mixed Veg. We have chosen this as I was sent a few lovely products by the saucy fish co to feature on my valentine’s gift guide. The fish cakes were included so we thought we would team them with some sweet potato which we had in and some mixed vegetables. We have had to purchase some tins of mixed veg because the freezer is still so full.

Tuesday- Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry. This is a kit which we have had in the cupboard since around Christmas when we picked it up cheap. So I have decided to make some more cupboard space to use it. All I need to do was get some chicken and some baby corn. It should be a meal packed with flavour. Both Joe and I love sweet chilli so this for sure is a meal I am looking forward to.

Wednesday- Tomato and Chilli Salmon and Rice. Again the salmon was kindly gifted by the saucy fish company because this sounds like it is going to be full of flavour. I did not want to take away from the salmon so we have decided that we are going to play it simple and go with just some rice. This should be a meal which is going simple but so filling.

Thursday- Chicken and Chilli Burgers and Chips. This is something which we actually found in one of the recipe books which we have and fancied. Chicken burgers are usually something which I would order if I was having a burger. Everyone knows that I love Chilli so this should be a perfect combo for me. We are going to make some home made chips to be served with this meal.

Friday- Smoked Haddock, New Potatoes and Mixed Veg. Yes I know this week is very fish heavy but this is due to having no room in the freezer. This is part of the saucy fish company box I was very lucky to receive this sounds so simple but effective. We have some new potatoes which are herby I think. We wanted to keep the meal healthy and this is why we have paired the mixed veg with this.

Saturday- Pepperoni Bake, again this is one which Joe picked out from a book which we own. This is a meal which I know Jess will eat because it combines two of her favourite things pasta and pepperoni. I am looking forward to this as it is something which I would not have thought about making. I think we may serve this with some garlic bread as well depending on if we have any in at the time.

Sunday- Mini Toad In the Hole, Mash and Veg. This is a meal which I have been making for a few weeks but as a result of been poorly for the last few I have not got around to it. For sure I am looking forward to this as it is something different. I think it is going to be a meal which Jess is going to completely eat which is amazing. At it is warm and hearty just what you need when it is still very cold outside.

This meal plan is part of the meal plan linky which is ran by the lovely Katy Kicker.  I am finding some inspiration for my meals from this amazing linky and some I have have on my list to try. I love trying new kind of foods.

What are you going to be consuming this week?

Charlotte xx

This meal plan does include some PR samples however, all views are still my own

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