Meal Plan 5th April #14

Another week has actually passed and I am unsure how. Time has been going to quickly I think we have finished the garden now which is amazing. We have been working so hard on it we wanted meals which wee quick to make. Along with the been enough to replace the calories which we had managed to burn off. I think we have a good mixture of food this week I hope you agree and enjoy seeing the meals which we have been consuming.

Monday- Veggie Pasta this something we decided that we wanted because we had a lot of veg which we needed to use up. It was one of the only days we knew we was going to be able to smash a lot of the garden we looked at the weather forecast so we went for it. This was a super simple meal however, this was so effective. We loved this an I am sure we will make it a few times in the future when we are busy.

Tuesday- Steak, Chips and Fried Egg this is something which we are having is because we bought steak. We managed to pick up one of the 16oz steaks from Aldi. These were a special buy which were super cheap which is why we purchased one. Steak is something easy which we have not had for a while. We are going to be serving these with chips and also fried eggs because this is something simple but so effective. For sure this is one which I am going looking forward to this.

Wednesday-  Smoked Haddock Curry, this is something which we have not had before. I have not had a fish curry in the past. I know my Mum has and said it was beautiful. We did actually have some smoked haddock in the freezer which means that it does not cost as much on the food shop. Curry is something we rarely have so I am looking forward to this. Of course, it is new meal for me to cook which is always a bonus as well. This will be served with nan bread and rice.

Thursday- Prawn and Chorizo Paella, this is something which we have made in the past. Paella is something which we all enjoy consuming and we actually have Jess for tea. This is due to the fact that we are going on an Easter Egg hunt. I am going to make this to scratch and hopefully this is going to be a recipe which we are going to share. Paella is something which I find hard to find a lovely ready meal it does not take that long to make at all. This is why we do make our own Paella dish. I would love to make it one day with more than just prawn and chorizo.

Friday- Fakeaway KFC Chicken Zinger Burger, this is a recipe which I have found from a Pinch Of Nom. I fancied a chicken burger however, this is something which I wanted to make myself.  As you know we are trying to make a choice to eat a lot healthier.This is going to be served again with chips I think. I have never tried a Chicken Zinger Burger from KFC so I can not compare this to the real mccoy. I am sure I am going to enjoy this because chicken burger with a kick is right up my street.

Saturday– I am actually out at work and will be home later so I think Joe and Jess are going to have a pasta meal. They will just throw something together and no doubt it will be amazing. I have decided that I am going to throw something simple like a pizza in the oven when I get home. I can have this if I am hungry there is no guarantee that I actually will be. All I want is something simple which I can throw in the oven. This is not something which we often do we do like to cook from scratch a lot.

Sunday- Hotdogs and Loaded Fries, the loaded fries is something which we saw on Pinterest. It sounded something a little bit different which we love. I know this is something which Joe would order if we was having a meal out. Due to this not been a complete meals we actually are going to have hotdogs as well. This is a meal which we have not had in a long time so I think this is going to be a great meal for a change. We will have had a busy day because we are at baby and bump expo on Sunday.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the meals which we have been eating this week. I know there is a wide range of different meal most of them are pretty quick. As this is something which we have needed this. This post is linked up with Katy you should check on the linky. I get a wide range of meal inspiration from this my meal plan from two weeks ago was choose as the best.  So thank you for that Katy.

What have you been consuming this week?


Charlotte xx




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