Meal Plan 29th March #13

Another Friday so that must mean that it is time to share with you the meals which we have been consuming this week.  I will warn you now that a lot of the meals we have been having are from a pinch of nom.  I purchased the cookbook when it came out due using a lot of their recipes anyway.  Trying to eat a bit healthier is something which Joe and I are trying to do. We have been feeling the benefits of having more energy.  This week he has been off work which means we have been spending time sorting out the garden and the house. Of course, I am going to be sharing our update very soon. So we have been wanting meals which we can do quickly and also that are going to fill us up. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been eating and it gives you some inspiration for meals of your own.

Monday-  Salmon Fish Cakes and Wedges. I purchased some Salmon reduced a couple of weeks ago and thought this would be a great way to use it.  Fishcakes are something which I love in the summer to have with a salad. I think it may be something which I will do in the future. This week I will be serving it with wedges because it’s not that warm. I do not think I have ever made fishcakes from scratch but they are something which I am looking forward too.

Tuesday-  Campfire Stew. This is one which is from a pin of nom. A stew will actually fill us up which is what we are looking for this week.  It is something different from what we would normally make. We usually do not have a lot of Gammon in our lives so this will make a change.  I love the idea of putting it in the slow cooker and letting that do all the work. I may share the recipe if this is a very nice recipe which I am sure it is going to be.

Wednesday- Chicken Fajitas Pasta, this is something we have made in the past.  Chicken Fajitas is something which we love it is so amazing and of course, we love pasta. So this is a winning combination for us.  This is super simple to make and you do it in a couple of pans so there is not that much washing up. We did not have to purchase much for this meal which is a huge bonus. I know that I am going to share this recipe very soon because I am sure that it is one which a number of you would enjoy it.

Thursday- Cajun Dirty Rice. This is something which we saw in the book which thought we would adore.  Cajun is one of my actual favourite spices and rice is something which we do not have often. I am sure that this could be a little bit like the spicy rice from Nando’s. This is something which I order on the rare occasion of we go.  Joe helped to choose most of these meals this week. This is a fakeaway for us, I think this is the best way because we are trying to save money and only have one a month at the moment.

Friday- Nacho chicken and jacket potato. Again this is a meal which I have picked up reduced and froze. By the time Friday comes around, I can not be bothered to cook. This is going to be perfect because this is something which we have had in the past. I know I could actually make this myself and this is something which I may do in the future. This is going to be served with a jacket potato because we have a fair amount of them. I may have some mixed veg to go with this but I am unsure yet.

Saturday- Meat and Potato Pasties. This is another recipe which I found in the pinch of nom book. This is something which I am going to be putting in my slow cooker and then have one early in the afternoon. The reason we are having it early is that we are going to see Disney on Ice. I am looking forward to this meal because it is something which I would not have thought about making. Instead, usually, I would have just picked them up in our weekly shop. I think this is one which I am looking forward to so much.  You use torillas because of course these meals are actually low calories.

Sunday- Roast Beef Lunch, Of course, it is Mother’s Day which means we are kind of having an amazing meal. We are hosting my parents and we are having a beef roast dinner which I think Joe is going to be making. I think we are going to be having most of the trimmings and a ton of veg. I am sure we may even splash out and even have a pudding.

Hopefully you have found some inspiration from the meals which we are going to have this week.  As always these posts are part of the meal plan linky ran by the lovely Katy. There is so many of us who join now you are bound to find some meal inspiration.



What are you going to be doing this Mother’s Day?


Charlotte xxx


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