Meal Plan 25th January #4

Today I am back with another meal plan this is something which I have been loving. Since meal planning we have found that we are saving money because we are not buying things which we are not going to use. I have also found it so useful because it keeps me eating actual meals when Joe is away. Only 2-3 weeks left of solo parenting. I am going to be sharing with you the meals which I am going to be consuming this week.

Monday- Leftover Pizza, last night my parents came over and we had a takeaway pizza. We ordered a little bit too much so there is going to be enough for me to be able to eat this as my tea. There should be enough to feed me and if not I have enough to make sandwiches if I need to be able to. This means that food is not going to go to waste which is huge for me.

Tuesday- Bacon and Leek Pasta, I still had some of the leek and bacon left over from last week. I decided that I was going to make something so simple a leek and bacon pasta was perfect. It is a simple meal to make and it can be done quickly. I sometimes need quick meals after nursery runs because otherwise I can be eating way too late. This was so cheap for me to make because all I needed to purchase was soft cheese. I seem to remember that this recipe I am using serves two so this will also do me a lunch in the week as well.

Wednesday – Chicken and Chorizo Paella, this is something which we have had in the freezer for a little while. I am going to use this up because of the fact, I still need freezer space. This is a meal which I know I am going to enjoy because it is packed with flavour. Chicken and Chorizo are two of my favourite meat flavours together. This is going to be a simple yet very effective meal.

Thursday- Veggie Quesadillas as you may know I am looking to have at least two meals a week which are veggie. This is a meal which I found on pinterest this is one of my favourite cuisines Mexican food. Quesadillas are something which I would be likely to order if I was out in a restaurant. Again this meal managed to not to break the bank as all I needed to purchase was wraps and some mixed beans. Hopefully this is something which I love because it looks like it is such an simple meal to make. I know it is something which Joe will adore as well.

Friday- Pesto Chicken ,Mash and Veg, the chicken is something which I already have in my freezer. I am still trying to make room for food in the freezer for other food which I plan on making. I am going to serve this with mash and veg because I still have some potatoes leftover. This is a semi healthy meal which is something I am trying to do this year.

Saturday- Meal Out– this is another meal which we are eating out. We are going out to see my brother so this means that we are going to be eating out. I am unsure where we are going to be eating. It is nice to eat out because it makes a change from having to cook. This can become a huge chore while you are solo parenting.

Sunday- Sloppy Pasta, this is a meal which I am making for a couple of reasons. I have have some tomatoes which really need to be used up and of course this is an perfect way to do this. Pasta is a meal as you may have read previously it is one of Jess’ favourite meals. I know this will end up getting eaten and if there is leftovers I can always have it for lunch.

This week I think due to he fact that I had the majority of the items in which I needed. The weekly shop cost me less than a £10 and this did include some cleaning products so as you can see it was a very cheap week.

Of course, this meal plan is actually is part of the meal plan linky which is run by the lovely Katy.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what meals I am going to be having this week. What meals would you make if you was me?

Charlotte xxx

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