Meal Plan 22nd March #12

Another week which we have smashed which is amazing because this means that Joe is off for two weeks now. He is taking easter leave early instead of the school ones and it means that we are hopefully going to be able to smash the garden renovations. Fingers crossed that we get amazing weather to be able to do it as we have a fair few days work to do. I am hoping to share the transformation of the garden with you.   So this week has been all about quick food because I have been trying to put the hours.  Meaning I do not have to do as much work when Joe is actually off. I am aiming to do half days however, I am not sure how possible this is going to be.  Today I am going to share with you the meals which we have been consuming.  I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been having.

Monday- Sausage Casserole, this is something which we choose because we have some sausages in the freezer.  I thought I would make this into a casserole the weather has not been amazing and this does mean that I want some more hearty meals.  So I think that this casserole should be able to fill a hole and keep me warm. I have some potatoes which I am going to use and make some mash to go with the casserole. I hope this is going to be a nice meal because I have not had a casserole for a long time. This should be so simple because it is all done in the slow cooker.

Tuesday- Hunters Chicken and Wedges, this is something which I love to order when we go out for a meal. This has been something which I have said that I am going to make for a long time however, I have just not got around to doing this. I am even going to make my own BBQ I am interested to see how this one comes out. Hopefully, it does come out very nice because it does mean that I can eat in more than always having to eat out.  This is going to be one of the meals which I think I am going to enjoy the most this week. It does not look that hard to make which is always a bonus for me during the week. I love simple meals which I do not have to think about too much.

Wednesday- Shrimp Pad Thai, this is something which I have never made before. However,  Thai food is something which I love, to be honest, I love most of Asain Cusine.  I want to try and see if I can make this at home because the only place where I see Pad Thai is at restaurants. Where we live I do not think we can get pad thai delivered. Speaking to Joe this is one of the meals which he is looking forward to the most.  Maybe because is something different from what we normally have.   If this works I will be sharing this on one of the meal inspiration Mondays because I am sure this is something which a lot of us would love to make.

Thursday-  Chicken, Leek and Brie Pie, this is something which I have not made before. I rarely have pie but this is something which I have been fancying for a while. Hopefully, the warmer weather is going to come very soon which means that it is going to be too warm to have pie. This is one of the reasons why I am making it now before this does actually happen.  I did actually find the recipe on Pinterest for sure this is something which I would not have made.  For some reason I did not think that brie would I would have used cheddar but for sure I am looking forward to this. According to Joe, this is not one which he is looking forward to as much as other meals.

Friday- Mexican Burrito Bowl. This is a meal which we were meant to have a couple of weeks ago and I think last week. However, this is one which we have not got around to doing this.  The ingredients are all still in date which means that we can still make this.  It is a bonus because it does mean that we do not have to pick up anything else.  Mexican food is something we both love and this sounds like it could be such a tasty meal. Again I will be sharing the recipe if I think it is worth it. Burritos are amazing but are something which we do not consume a lot at home because of how hard they can be to make.

Saturday- Cheese Burger Meatballs and Pasta this again is something which I found on Pinterest. This is something which made me so curious because of the fact that it sounds so different. I have had meatballs and pasta before but I do not think I have really ever had cheesy meatballs.  Of course, this is something which Jess is going to adore. Give her anything which is pasta based and this is something which she is going to love. If she really behaves her self she may actually be able to have some garlic bread which again is something which she is back love.  This again is another Pinterest meal. I see to be getting more and more off there now.

Sunday- Chicken Korma Curry having a curry is something which we have not done with Jess for a long time. We have chosen to have a Korma even though I know she is able to handle some more spicy curries.  We are going to make this in the slow cooker because this does mean that I do get a break from the cooking. I am unsure what we are planning on Sunday yet so having it in the slow cooker is amazing.  Hopefully, this is something which Jess is going to finish a whole plate of. I am going to serve this with rice and also nan bread as well.

There is a range of meal this week some of them so simple for us to cook.  The slow cooker is going to be used for the first time in a long time. I have actually linked up with Katy Kicker meal plan because this is where I get some of my meal inspiration from so I have a wide range of different meals.

I hope you have got some inspiration from these meals? What are you having this week?


Charlotte xxx

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