Meal Plan 1st March- #9

So it is the start of a new month how quick did February go. I can not believe that it is now March.  Today I am going to be sharing with your our meal plan for this week there has been some different meals this week. Again we have been trying to use some things up which we had rather than always buying it in.  This was another week where we only just managed to spend enough to do this click and collect due to doing this again this week.

Monday – Chicken Fajitas, this something which we love to consume in this house. We did actually have a kit in with all of the spices which you need, I love to add peppers and onions into the mix with the chicken. We tend to only get the spicy one because we are both fans of the heat which is something which I am glad about.  Sour cream,  guacamole and salsa will also be on the table so we can use it and make the fajitas saucy. I think Mexican food is one of my favourites I could eat Fajitas every week if you let me.

Tuesday- Fish,  Chips and Mushy Peas, this is something which we fancied when meal planning. We have chosen to get some fish in and cook it at home the same for the mushy peas. I think we are going to treat ourselves and pop to the chip shop for the chips.  This is like having a fakeaway chip shop. After all, you have to treat yourselves sometimes and we are saving money not getting an actual takeaway.

Wednesday- Vietnamese Pho, this dish is something different for us.  We actually saw a kit when we were in one of the supermarkets it is not something which we usually would have picked up. However, we are enjoying trying a lot of new food recently and this does sound like something we will enjoy as it is soup with a huge twist. I will report back how this is I think it may be one of the meals which I am looking forward to the most this week.

Thursday- BBQ Chicken, Wedges and Mixed Veg. This is a meal which we are having as it is going to be pretty easy as it basically all goes in the oven. Jess has her injections on Thursday so in case she is not feeling 100% we want something easy.  She may be eating with us or I may treat her to a McDonald’s depending on her behaviour. I have a Lexi Roots Marinade which I am going to use to make the chicken BBQ, I am looking forward to seeing how this comes out. Hopefully, it will be full of flavour.

Friday- Mexican Fried Rice, this may sound like a random meal and more of a starter. I think I am just going to make more of it in order to make it a meal. Again Mexican food is something which I adore I saw this recipe over on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try. To be honest I had all of the ingredients in as well for this meal which is always a bonus.

Saturday- Spagetthi Bol, this is something which Joe loves to cook. I am making the most of having him at home and he will make this meal. I am unsure what he actually does but whatever it is so full of flavour.  Garlic bread may be served with this meal and is goes so well. Jess is likely to consume so much of this meal. It is also something very simple to do should we have a busy Saturday doing this like we usually end up doing.

Sunday- Pizza, we are making these ourselves using the base from Home Bargains. We have some peppers some onions, sweetcorn and pepperoni which we are going to use as the toppings. This is a tea which Jess can get involved in which is always a bonus as there is not that many that she can do this with.  We are going on a day out which means we will be home later but at least this is something quick which we will be able to make.

There is a range of meal this week some of them so simple for us to cook.  It goes to show you do not have to have anything fancy all of the time.  Sometimes the simple meals are the best.


What are you having for your meals this week?


Charlotte xxx





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