Meal Plan 1st February #5

I can not believe that another week is over and it means that it is time to share the meals which I have been consuming this week. I have actually been poorly. This means I have not been eating some of the ones which I planned. So some of the meals are going to be repeated. So I am going to get on with sharing the meals which I plan on eating this week.

Monday- Bacon and Leek Pasta, this is one which I made too much of last night. I have decided that I am going to have this meal again. It saves me freezing it because I am still tight for freezer space. It is a meal which was so simple but I actually loved it. I might make it again in the future.

Tuesday- Mexican Beef Wraps, Beef tacos are something which I made a few weeks ago now. I actually had some left over which I decided to freeze easy meals are amazing when you are solo parenting. I have some wraps in and I think I am going to throw in some cheese with these. This is going to be super simple but no doubt packed with flavour.

Wednesday- Broccoli Pasta Bake, this is one I planned a few weeks ago but have been ill. I still have the broccoli which is in great condition. This for sure is going to be a meal which I am going to be able to freeze. The recipe serves around 4 so there is going to be plenty of left overs. I know due to it been a heavy broccoli meal this is not something which Joe would enjoy. I think this may be a meal which garlic bread because I have some in which actually needs using up.

Thursday- Sloppy Pasta- yes I am going to have pasta two meals in a row. I love pasta and this is a meal which I did not end up making last week. This is a meal which I have been thinking about so I took this as a sign of having to make it. It does not look like I need to purchase a lot of food for this either. This is ideal because of the fact it is getting close to the end of the month when money can be a little more tight.

Friday- Smoked Haddock and Chopped Tomatoes with Warm Bread. This is a meal which I am actually having at my parent’s house. I am staying over there due to the fact that I am heading to Manchester on Saturday with my Mum. This does not sound like a lot of food but it will be a large piece of smoked haddock. Part baked bread is something which I love to add butter with this it just makes it even more special. Of course, it is going to be really nice to be consuming a meal without it been alone as well.

Saturday- Out, as I mentioned on Saturday my mum and I are heading to Manchester. So this means that we are going to be heading out for a meal of course, there are plenty of amazing restaurants which we could dine in. I think this will be more of a something which we decide just before we actually want the food because I usually find this is the best way.

Sunday- Takeaway Pizza, I know it is a really bad end to the week and I have not hit the gym for a while. However, I do not get home till around 6pm and it is looking likely that Joe will be home. So as a treat for managing to survive another period of been solo it looks like we are going to have a takeaway. We will end up ordering from a local one which is cheaper than Dominos and to be honest it will end up doing me lunch as well on Monday.

I can not believe that it is February already before we know it we will actually be having salads. Instead of the warm comforting food which we require at the moment due to the fact the weather is bitter out there. I am looking forward to been able to cook for two people next week. I find it a lot easier than just for one.

This weeks meal plan of course is part of the meal plan linky which of you have not checked out you should. I get some amazing meal inspiration from other people who join in.

What are you planning on consuming this week?

Charlotte xxx

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