Meal Plan 18th January #3

Today I am back with another weekly meal plan this is something I am enjoying. I have had a few people in my personal life ask me how the meal plan is going. This week it a bit different because it is just for one person as Jess eats at nursery. This weekend she has a party as well and we may have a day out with a meal out. Without further ado I am going to share with you the meals which I am going to be having this week.

Monday- Tomato Soup this is a meal which I have taken out of the freezer this is a meal I made last time Joe was away. It going to be a case of taking it out of the freezer and saving with bread. This was such an easy meal to make and freezer great for busy days. It also saved food going off which is a huge thing for me. I hate wasting food.

Tuesday- Bacon and Leek Risotto, this is another meal which I am making so that food does not get wasted. We had some leeks left over from when we make the chilli. I am going to use them to make this meal is something different risotto is not something I have had for a while. Again I found this recipe on Pinterest it is such a useful tool.

Wednesday- Fish, Jacket Potato and Veg, when looking in the freezer I realised I had some seasoned fish. I thought I would give myself a night of simple tea even though this a tasty meal. It should not be that hard as it is just putting food in the oven. I am looking forward to this meal as I have not had fish in a while and it is something I enjoy.

Thursday- Meatballs and Spaghetti, this is a complete use up meal. I have some mozzarella to use and also some pasta sauce. I thought this meal would be a good way to combine the two. It is going to be a challenge making meatballs for this first time. This is a dish which I am likely to order in a restaurant so I thought why not treat myself and make it at home.

Friday- Lamb Passanda Burger,  this is another meal which I have already prepared and is in the freezer. Friday nights at the moment I want something quick after a hard week working and at the gym. This will be served with chips which may be frozen or homemade depending on how many potatoes we have left. This is a twist on a normal burger and one I loved when I have made it in the past.

Saturday- Broccoli Pasta Bake, I have some broccoli from another recipe I made which needs using up. So I turned to pinterest to see what I could make this sounded really tasty. I know it is a Saturday and that means I usually have to feed Jess. However, she is at a party so there is a huge chance that she will just want something small.

Sunday- Mini Toad in the hole, there is a chance that we are going out for the day and will not need food. However, if this is not the case I plan on making mini toad in the hole with sweet potato mash. To me this is a really comforting meal and on a Sunday usually that is what I fancy going to make it. I have everything I need in in case I do actually make it and of course this is going to be served with gravy.

This is part of a linky with Katy Kicker. I am loving seeing what other people have been making.

I hope you enjoyed this what meals have you been consuming this week?


Charlotte xxx


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