Meal Plan 15th March #11

Today I am sharing with you the meal plan for this week. There is a lot of meals which I have been featured before. I  have four nights this week where I am having to eat alone. Joe is away and Jess eats at nursery. Which means I get to select meals which I have already prepared in the freezer.  A bonus of him away does mean that I am going to have some more of that elusive freezer space.  Saying that I do keep purchasing reduced stickered items for a time when he is away.  I hope you enjoy reading about what kind of food I have been eating this week.

Monday- Chicken Goujons, Wedges and Spaggethi Hoops, something so simple but effective.  I actually made the chicken goujons way back sometime last year and made too many so froze them. I thought this week would be great to dig them out and consume.  We have no chips in so wedges are going to be served.  I think I prefer wedges anyway.

Tuesday- Beef Casserole and Mash this is something which I have frozen as well. I only had enough for one person.  The weather is meant to be pretty rubbish this week so I think this is going to be appreciated.  I have some potatoes in which I am going to turn into Mash Potatoes and serve. Something warm and comforting for tonight.

Wednesday- Lasagna and Salad maybe Garlic Bread. To be honest, could I have a week where I do not consume pasta I do not think I could. There are so many little tubs of lasagna in my freezer that I need to get some removed.  So I decided that I was going to have this for a meal this week.  I have some salad because I am trying to be a good girl and eat a bit better again at the moment.

Thursday- Mediterranean Fish and Wedges. There is actually one left in the packet which means that it makes sense for me to finish them off. I would actually purchase this again I know it is a birds eye one but it can be expensive if you do not purchase them on offer. I reckon I will end up serving this meal with mixed veg so that there is some greens in the meal.

Friday- Fish Pie, this is a recipe which I found on Pinterest I was looking for a fish dish. We have some to use up and I came across a fish pie now this is something which we have not had in the longest time. I think this is going to be something which we just have on it’s own hopefully it is going to be very filling. If this is something which I enjoy I will end up sharing the recipe with you on Monday.

Saturday- Pasta Bake, I have some creme fresh which I need to use up from a previous week. Of course, this meant I just went to pinterest to see what I could make with it. Then I did find a pasta and spinach pasta bake this is something that I would not have thought about before. I am looking forward to this because it is something different. Spinach is something which I am unsure if Jess would eat but because it is with pasta she should eat this. I will maybe serve this with garlic bread because we have a spare one in the fridge so I may use this.

Sunday- Sweet Chilli Prawns and Noddles. Noodles are something which I could consume very often. We had some prawns in which I fancied using up this does sound like something a little bit different to what I would normally make. I do not think I have every heated up sweet chilli sauce and I am sure this is something which I have to do for this meal. Hopefully, this is going to be a meal which Jess is going to end up eating. I may have to purchase something in case she does not like it at all.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what meals we have been consuming this week.  As always these posts are part of the meal plan linky ran by the lovely Katy. There is so many of us who join now you are bound to find some meal inspiration.

Why are you having for your meals this week?


Charlotte xx




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