Meal Plan 12th April

Another week has managed to speed past us. I am unsure how the hell this has happened for some reason since February time seems to have whizzed by. We have managed to meal plan every single week and some of these have been harder than others. This week we have had to make meals which we can use in the slow cooker because we was unsure what hours Joe was going to be working. We have been able to eat meals together which is something that is important to us. Today there is a wide range of different meals. The majority is because we can use the slow cooker to cook these meals.  So with further ado we are going to share with you the meals we have been consuming.

Monday-  Salmon Noodles, this is a meal which Joe choose as a result of loving noodles. We did manage to pick up some Salmon reduced in the supermarket. This is the way we manage to keep the meal plan of our weekly shop to under £30 per week. This is a meal which we would not have done before. It is one which we managed to get from a pinch of nom again. I would recommend checking out this website and book if you are looking to eat a little bit more healthy.

Tuesday- Piri Piri Chicken and Rice again this is a meal which Joe has picked for this week. Peri Peri is something which we actually love it is something which I would not have thought of cooking in the slow cooker. We are using chicken thighs which is something we never have. Instead we usually cook with the breast so I am looking forward to cooking with something different. We are actually going to be serving this with rice for something a little bit different.

Wednesday- Mexican Three Bean Taco Bowl, this is something which I decided to choose. This is a meal which does have no meat. As you may remember in January we had a couple of meals which did not feature any meat. I would love to have more of this. We also have some nachos which we need to use up so this will be served with this meal. For sure I think this is going to be one which I am looking forward to the most.  If this is a meal which we enjoy of course, I will be sharing this recipe with you.

Thursday- BBQ Pulled Gammon, you have heard of BBQ pulled pork. However, when I was looking through Pinterest I found this recipe. Gammon is a piece of meat which Joe loves so of course, this is something which we had to try. This is something which we are going to serve with either wedges or chips. I am hoping that this is going to be so tasty because it is a fraction of the price of making pulled pork and we love gammon more.

Friday- Donner Kebab, Fridays we love making fakeaway. Which is a fake takeaway so this week we have opted to make a donner kebab from a pinch of nom of course.This has a lot less calories than a donner kebab would and is not going to feel as greasy.  Making your own of course, is fun and also the fraction of the price a meal from the takeaway would cost you. So this is win win in our eyes.

Saturday- Meatballs and Pasta, we picked up some meatballs a few weeks ago reduced. I also made some and froze them. So I am thinking of getting them out of the freezer and then throwing them together with some pasta and a sauce. I know that this is a meal which Jess will eat without having to be asked twice. I may even throw the boat out and have a garlic bread with it as well. This is going to be a simple meal yet very effective.

Sunday- Pork Steaks In Mushroom Sauce. This is another slow cooker meal because we are in Derby at the Mama Meet Market. So we want something simple and effortless when we get in. I know that no doubt I will be tired because I will have done a lot of walking and talking. This is going to simple and I feel like I am going to serve it with some for of Potato however, I have not decided what yet.

Of course, this is linked up with the lovely Katy. If you are ever looking for meal inspiration she runs a lovely linky. Where a number of bloggers share what meals they are going to be consuming that week. I sometimes get some amazing ideas from it as well.

What meals are you going to be consuming this week?

Charlotte xx

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2 thoughts on “Meal Plan 12th April

  1. It sounds like you have a tasty week of meals planned. Wow! I would love to get our shopping bill under £30 for one week!
    I love the sound of the BBQ Pulled Gammon! What a great idea x

    1. Oh thank you so much for sure it was a tasty week. £30 is amazing at the moment for the shopping bill we do still get bits from Aldi which maybe make it a £40 some weeks. BBQ Pulled Gammon was amazing it’s a slimming world recipe apparently xxx

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