Meal Inspiration Monday- Cheesey Bacon and Sausage Carbonana


It’s Monday again which means that it is time to share with you another recipe which I have made. Today I am going to share a pasta dish which is something which I have not done for a long time. Recently, you will know if you read my meal plans that we had a cheesey bacon and sausage carbonana. It came around because we had some sausages which needed to be used up so I turned them into this tasty meal.  It was a pretty simple dish but the twist of having sausage in it was something which I really enjoyed.  I feel like this meal was actually very comforting and warm and we actually had it during a cold spell when that is what you want to consume.

Ingredients- Serves 6

5 Tablespoons of soft butter

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

360ml double cream

150g cooked spaghetti

450g sliced sausage

225g bacon cut into pieces

1-2 teaspoons crushed garlic

115g Parmesan Cheese

115g Italian Blend Cheeses

  1. In a small bowl, cream the soft butter by beating it against the side of the bowl with a wooden spoon until it is soft and fluffy.
  2. In another small bowl, beat the eggs and egg yolks with a whisk until they are well blended, then stir in 50g grated cheese. Set both bowls aside.
  3. Put the spaghetti into the boiling water and stir with a wooden spoon to be sure the strands don’t stick to one another. Stir occasionally, about 7-12 minutes.
  4. Add oil to the pan and fry the bacon and sausage fry until browned then flip over the sausage.
  5. Once sausage is cooked move the cooked sausages to the side of the pan, reduce heat and add your garlic and blend in with your cooked sauage.
  6.  Stir in the cream to bacon and sausage. Bring the cream to a simmer and keep it warm until the spaghetti is done.
  7. When the spaghetti is cooked, drain it thoroughly in a large colander.  Stir in the creamed butter, tossing and turning the spaghetti with tongs to coat every strand.
  8. The stir in the hot bacon, sausage and cream mixture and finally the beaten eggs and cheese, mixing everything together thoroughly.
  9. The heat of the pasta and other ingredients should cook the raw egg on contact.
  10. Taste and season with garlic salt and a few grindings of pepper.

I think this meal only took around 20-30 minutes which is not very long. These does mean that you can make this on a work night.

Have you ever thought about doing a twist on carbonana? I loved the twist which we did on this meal.

Charlotte xxx

This is a great mid week meal which comprises of pasta, and cheese this is a great comfort meal

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