May Goals 2019

April has been a month which I have enjoyed so much. We have managed to do so much and spend a lot of time with family. This is one of the bonus you have when Easter is later in the year, you can have nice weather and get to do more with the family. Today I am going to reflect on the goals which I set for the month of April. It has been such a busy month have I managed to achieve what I set out to at the start. As well as setting some goals to smash in the month of May.

Last Month

Personal- We have managed to finish the garden this was a project which we wanted to get done. I have actually shared the pictures however, it did manage to get a little bit damaged in the storm.  Hopefully, we will be able to get some bits sorted. I have managed to sort out my clothes draws. I did not get rid of a lot only three pieces however, I do now know what is in them which is what I wanted. Even Joe went through his and got rid of some stuff. Deep cleaning the house is something which got away from me and it is unlikely it will happen in May. As I have to rest because I have damaged my Knee so at some stage this will get done. We managed to host a couple of family events successfully. We had Mother’s Day Lunch and then a BBQ on Easter Sunday. I am sure these are not the only events we will be hosting this year.

Work–  I have not managed to do the changes on my site this month which I wanted to. Instead, I have been getting ahead on writing posts so this is something which may actually happen in May. Sorting out the SEO on my old posts is partly done I think I failed to realise how much time this was going to take. I still have around 360 posts to sort out so this is going to take a long time. I am sure that this is going to be one which I have running in the background for a few months.  Doing bits as and when I have some free time. As I write this I am 5 short of hitting my Facebook total of 200.  It is getting ever closer though. I know this is a platform a lot of people struggle with, I am glad I have managed to grow on some of my other social media this month considerably. I have made a couple of pitches to brands this month so we will see how this works out. It is soon going to be Father’s Day and this is something I am working on already.

Money- I have made the emails about rejoining scentsy this is something which may come off. I always this that it is important to have a number of income sources. It can never do you too much harm more so when you are self-employed. I have even been neglecting the surveys which I had been doing in March. There is no reason why this has happened as well. I could always do with some of the extra money. Of course, because I have not earnt a lot of money this month it does mean that I have not been putting anything away for Christmas yet. This is something which I am sure we will do this month. Truthfully we have not been purchasing a lot this month we have been more aware of what we need but I have been shopping around. Instead of going to pets at home for something we needed for the bunnies we used Fetch and it was cheaper.

Now on to the goals which I want to achieve in the month of May


Clean the offices- They are both in a bit of a state there is so much stuff in them both. The floor in both of them really need a clean. This is something I am going to do when feeling better. Obviously, this is going to include a lot of bending which is not going to be great at the moment.

Start Couch to 5k- I was watching the London Marathon and it inspired me to want to up my running. 5K is something which I want to be able to run in under 30 minutes by the end of the year. I have stopped actually running on the treadmill a lot. I am hoping this will motivate me to start it again. In October I am thinking about doing a 5K at Yorkshire Wildlife Park so I want to get in for training for this.

Plan more days out- I had a number of days out planned up until Easter.  We have nothing planned now. I am one of these people who love to have days out planned and weekends ready for memories to be made. We want to be able to get some days out planned now for the next couple of months. I am actually unsure where we are going to end up going but no doubt we will end up having a lot of fun no matter where we end up.

More time for me- I again want to be able to work on my self care this month. I want to make sure that I do at least 30 minutes doing something for myself.


Increase my use of Pinterest– Pinterest is something which I was using a lot and in the past couple of months I have neglected. It is something which I want to get back on. I have gone from getting around 44k monthly unique views and this has now dropped to under 20k. This is something which I want to improve on. I used to so enjoy pinning things however, I know it is finding the time so this is why I am making it one of my goals this month.

Sort out my comments– Currently, I have about 17,000 comments which I need to sort. I seem to attract a lot of spam bots so I need to report them and not allow them on my site. I would love to get this down, of course, it is going to be a long job but for sure one, I will feel better about once it is done. The way I am going to tackle it is doing small amounts regularly. Even if I make a dent into it this month I will be very happy about that.

Keep scheduling tweets- I know this is something which a number of people do not like. As it does mean social media may not seem as social, however, I notice a massive drop in my page views if I do not do this. The weekends are a time when I seem to try and keep off twitter because I want to spend time with the family. These days can be sometimes the days where I get the most views. I need to make sure that I do this all of the time because it will help me in the long run.

Schedule some of the drafts– I think I have 10 blog posts which are completely written. Some are waiting for the pictures to be added some the SEO done. I want to get them out of the drafts and actually scheduled for you to be able to see them. I will be replacing them in my drafts for sure. At the moment I seem to have the bug and want to write so much. For sure this is something which I can not complain about at all.


Earn more money through my blog– April has been a month where I have not had a lot of opportunities. I know this is the same for a number of bloggers. I would love to increase the amount of money I earn this month compared to April. Hopefully, this is something which is very achievable this month. I know for sure I am going to be emailing a couple of contacts which I have to try and make this happen.

Check the bills- This is something which we did a couple of months ago however, this is something I like to do regularly. I know I can get a better deal using Sky for Spotify, I seem to remember I get 3 months free. This does mean that I can save £30. I am sure there are other elements which we can save on which is something which everyone wants to do. Usually, I check the bills when work has been quiet. I know we need to start building a buffer for August when we have to pay all of Jess’ fees as she does not get her childcare hours when it’s holidays.

Sell Some of Jess’ Summer Clothes-. There are some of her clothes which are going to be too small for her this summer. I want to sort them out so I can sell them and purchase her some bits which she may need for this summer. I like to be able to organise her wardrobe every season and sell things which are too small. Usually, I sell them on eBay and then reinvest the money on new clothes to us.

Get back into survey’s and apps- There is a number of ones which I am very close to the cashout amount. I have been neglecting them for a while and this is stupid of me. I hope to be able to cash out on some of them very soon and this means that I may be able to build our savings pot up a little bit more. If you use any can you tell me which ones you do because I am always finding more. I spend about an hour a day doing them .

What would you like to achieve this month? Let me know in the comments


Charlotte xx

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