Making Trips So Much Easier With Micro Trike Review

Jess is like any two year old she wants to be able to walk however, this is not always possible.  Regularly Jess will have a tantrum if we have to put her in the pram now she just wants to walk. Recently we were lucky to be sent a micro trike to test out.

Micro trike is a product which we had so many questions about from people. Usually when we have been out and about with it. This could be as a result of it not looking like a normal trike. Normally a trike would have some pedals however, this is not the case for micro trike. Instead, it has a parent handle and you push your child like you would in a buggy. We have found it a lot easier because we do not have the battle of getting her into the buggy. Jess wants to be a big girl and walk however, this is not always possible. The Micro Trike is suitable from 18 months and up to a maximum weight of 20kg which is great.  Jess is close to this weight so may only be able to use it for a few more months.

The micro trike is something which we have taken on the nursery run when we want to get there fast. To be honest, we have been using it every day since we got it.  Jess has been around outlets, shops and even Ikea on it.  One of the bonuses is that it is so light so if Jess wants to get off the micro trike she can. We can either continue to push it until she wants to get back on or carry it. It does fold flat which is always a bonus one less bulky thing to carry. Also, this is good for storage as space when you have children can be golden. Ours lives in either the footwell of the seat we do not use in the car or in the boot depending on how full the boot is.

The trike is so simple to put up and down all you need to do is one movement to push the seat to flatten. This then allows your child to sit down. Of course, because it is that simple it does mean you can do one-handed. You then have to extend the one-handed push handle. We have found the walk to nursery a lot quicker using the micro trike. It does allow Jess to walk sometimes as well something I would not allow her to do if we had the buggy.

A disadvantage is that there is nowhere to store your shopping so you do have to carry it. Luckily I have a number of backpacks and can use them if I need to.  The push handle on the micro trike can be adjusted if you need it to be meaning different heights could push it.  The footrest for the child can also be adapted however, this is something which we have not yet.

We now have tantrums is we do not use the trike it is so easy to push just glides.  It really is so easy to manoeuvre you just need to be careful if there are holes in the path not to get the wheels caught. This has happened a couple of times to us and Jess has gone over the handlebars. I know I should have the harness on but Jess wants to be a big girl and get on and off.  If you have a smaller child than Jess you may want to use the harness. I will warn you as well about going on and off the pavement this can be a bit of a hassle. It is something you need to take care of doing.

Micro Trike claims that this could replace your buggy.  For us, it has at the moment but I do not think I will be in any rush ditch the buggy. The reason behind this yes at the moment we have had a lot of nice weather. However, when it changes there is no protection from the elements for your child.  There is also the fact if your child does fall asleep a lot this is not really possible on this trike. We try and avoid using it when Jess is really tired.

Where can you purchase?

Micro Trikes can be purchased on Amazon for £80 and come in a range of 4 colours, Black , White, Pink, and Blue.  I would recommend them and can see them been very popular in the next year. If the number of people who have asked me about it purchase one. We have had parents at nursery be curious about the micro trike   This bike is excellent for younger kids and a must have! If you want to grab something with wheels for your older kids scooters are another great option. After all, they may get jealous of your younger child.

Do you have a micro trike if so what are your thoughts on it?

Charlotte xx

We were gifted this Micro Trike however all views are my own.
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