Maintaining Your Car- Don’t Forget Your Tyres

Maintaining a car is something which a large portion of us have to do. There are so many elements to it from making sure the breaks do not fail if we need to slam on. Making sure the paint work is not too badly damaged is also something which has to happen. Sometime which most people neglect until it comes to their service or an MOT is their tyres. A simple check every week could save your a fortune. You risk getting a fine if you have a tyre which is not up to standard. Today I am going to share with you some tips for making sure your tyres are maintained correctly.

Inflated Tyres

Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure needed for the load which you are carrying. For example if you are just going on a normal day out with the children you do not need them a heavy load. It has been proven if you have them under inflated it can be harder to slow down. This means that you increase risk of a crash. If have them over inflated you run this risk of a blowout occurring. This is something which I am very scared of occurring as there could be some serious consequences. You can check your pressure at most petrol stations or even have your own portable pressure checker. You must do them when your car is cold our this can give a different reading.


You need to also make sure that your tyres are not too bald because this could cause your problems with the police. Which could see you having a fine which is not something which you would want. The balder your tyres are the more likely you are likely to get something in them which could cause a flat tire. The legal limit is 1.6 millimeters but for safety reasons you could replace them before they reach the legal limit. Make sure you check your tread once a month so you do not get caught for a fine. Even if they are close to the limit it maybe time to get replaced.

Tyre Rotation

This is something which I had not heard of previously until I was researching for this post. Apparently every 5,000 miles you are supposed to rotate your tyres. This means that your tyres wear even instead of actually having two which are heavily worn. It depends on your car to how you do the tyre rotation due to some cars been two wheel drive and others been four wheel drive. This is something which you are going to have to check.

Give your Tyres a Wash

This is something which we do not do a lot because we forget that the tyres need loving as well. Washing them do stop the road grime, heat and also moisture from becoming backed on the tyres of the car. All you need to do is damp a sponge and then wipe them this will stop them becoming as baked in horrible rubbish. It may make them last longer as well. It is not going to cost you anything to do this.

Replacement Tyres

Of course, tyres do not last for ever and they are going to need to be replaced. You can come a cross a number of problems when you need to replace your tyres. However, Calmac tyres autocentre in Northampton have good quality , robust tyres at affordable rates. You can even book your tyres online with them for free. This means that you do not have to worry about them not having your tyres in. Also you can go when it is actually convenient for you. You don’t even know what type of tyres you need because all you have to do is stick in your cars regimentation,

Are tyres something which you forget when you are maintaining your car?

Charlotte xxx

This is a sponsored post however, all words are my own.

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