Lush – Volcano Foot Mask Review

Once the summer months approach I think about taking care of my feet which I have neglected for the majority of the winter. The reason behind this is because I think about wearing sandals or dolly shoes and nobody wants to have horrible feet. I try and remove a lot of the dead horrible skin using an amazing foot mask which I treated my mum to one birthday. I am someone who spends a lot of hours on my feet should it be walking or just not resting that much because that’s hard to do when you have a nearly two-year-old in toe. The foot mask, of course, is from Lush and it is the Volcano. I will admit it is not one of the prettiest products Lush do.

This is an ice cool mint foot mask which contains Pumice which allows you to run the dead skin away making your feet look amazing. It also has Kaolin on which helps to clean and repair skin and then finally papaya which helps digest dead skin ready for removal. This little pot is amazing and does save you a hell of a lot of time because it would take a lot of treatments to do a lot these elements.
Volcano also helps deodorise, cool and simulation the feet this is due to the tomatoes, menthol and the lemon and cinnamon which is in the mask. This allows you to be able to treat your feet which are hot and have been in your shoes all day which they deserve should you hammer them like I do.

The way I use this mask is to cover my whole foot with the mask I make sure that I apply plenty of it. I then wrap my feet tightly in cling film which helps you to lock the moisture and soften the skin. I do this before I shower as I am able to rinse it off.

I have found that my feet are a hell of a lot softer and some of the dead skin has disappeared. It helped with my roughness which is a problem which I do suffer for and I have found that it did help. I think that this is a product which I am going to be reaching for a lot more now the summer is here I could be using at least once a week just before I paint my nails to give my feet a full on pamper session.

Do you have a favourite foot mask? If so what is it I would love to be able to try some of the others?

Charlotte x

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