Lush- Ultrabland Facial Cleanser Review

Ultrabland is one of the skin care items which people would not reach for that often it is one which people for some reason seem to love look however, this is an item which I picked up after having a skin care consultation in store a while back. I could not have been happier when I tried this product I am so glad that I got recommended this product.

Ultrabland is a a really thick cleanser which is almost like applying butter to your face it is that thick I know what you are think this is not something which you are selling to me. However, Ultrabland  is made up of rosewater, beewax, and honey which means that this is one of the products that Lush do which is not actually vegan. I used this cleanser on a night because it helps remove stubborn make up which is great because I can find it hard to remove some of my mascaras I love how it leaves my skin as well. It leaves it with a lot of moisuter which is great as I have found in the past some can be very stripping it also makes my skin feel very smooth and plump overall it does feel like my skin is super healthy when I use this product.

The reason my skin feels all the benefits is due to the main ingredients being almond oil, beewax and rose water which together help hydrate the skin, act as an antiseptic and exfoliate as well as calm any areas which may be irritated. This is one which I love using in the colder months because my skin becomes very dry and needs as much moister as possible I also love that it is so soothing because if for some reason my skin does become chapped I can still use it without there been a huge amount of pain which is always a benefit for me.

I have noticed that it does help with redness as this sis something which some of the time I do suffer with this helps to soothe the skin. It also helps brighten the completion which is something I need because I am working so much at the moment I need skincare to help make me looking like I am healthy and not just living on caffeine.

I only apply a small dollop of this product to try skin them massage it in which causes the product to melt and turn into a clear oil which breaks down the make up and anything else which can be found on my skin. When my make up has been broken down I get something like a warm flannel and wipe off the product. I have been known to use this as a mask as well which I leave on for around 10 minutes which doing something such as finishing getting ready for bed and I have found that when I do this I do not actually need a moistener this keeps it hydrated enough. This is a bonus if you are going on a weekend away as you could in theory just take one product your cleanser and not have to take a moistersier as well.

Lush recommend you use a cotton pad to remove the cleanser however, I have found that I am still left with really greasy face which is something non of us like. This is why I use something like a flannel because I find that it is so much easier and does not leave you with the greasy horrible layer.

I would recommend this product to anyone and I will be repurchasing again when I have use a few more of the cleaners I have in my stash up first. This is one which has helped with imbalances and I would say maybe has resulted in me having a few less breakouts which is always a bonus.

Have you tried ultrabland if so what did you think?

Charlotte x

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