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I know the picture on this is not the best but this is because of the fact that the items are very small. For another surprise I have never shopped in Lush yes I know every beauty blogger has but I must be one of the only ones who hasn’t.

This is what I picked up when shopping in there the first thing whats a lip tint which is called It Started With A Kiss. Lush say about this product didn’t every girl want to be a Snow White with those kissable red lips- well we all have the chance with this apple and cinnamon lip balm tint. I really can’t smell the cinnamon in this product all I taste is the apple which is not something that I am loving if honest but hopefully it  will make my lips beautiful when I am not looking for a lipstick it doesn’t look very red either and doesn’t seem to be making my lips very soft. You can purchase this in stores or online here for £5.50.

As you can see I purchased the Red and Blue FUN. I have not used these products yet but love the idea that they are multipurpose because of the fact that you can use them as play dough you can use them as shower gel and even shampoo even though I don’t think that I will be using them as shampoo I love Aussie too much.

The blue fun is described as a mix of lavender,Moroccan chamomiles and chamomile blue essential oils which will be perfect for bedtime baths so I have decided that one day when I have a bath late on in the day I will use this product because it may help me sleep better than I currently do. You can purchase the blue fun here on in store for £5.

The red fun is described as mandarin and orange essential oils will make you think of sunny orange groves whatever they are and freshly squeezed orange juice which will brings summer to your bath well anything which brings a bit of summer into my life at the moment is so well received because of the fact that I live in England and don’t see much sun in my life.You can purchase the FUN in store or online here for £5.

I have realised that recently that my lips have not been than soft so I purchased the Mint Julps Lip Scrub and wow this tastes amazing it has peppermint,vanilla and tagetes oil in it and I have been using this product for a couple of days now and can already see the difference so if you are looking for a lip scrubs which works you can get your hands on this one for £5.25 either in store or online here.

What products do you think I should purchase from Lush?

Charlotte x

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