Lush Don’t Look At Me Facemask – Review


As some of you may know I am obsessed with Lush.  For me it is not only the bath products which I adore it is all the other products. Today I am sharing one of my favourite fresh face masks.  I love the fact that this is one of the most citrusy products which Lush do. As you may know citrus is favourite kind of scent.  Don’t look at me face mask is such a blue colour which may put a few of you off. I know it did when I first saw this product because of the fact that it is like nothing on the market. I know Lush do not do any facemasks in this colour. Other brands may do mask in this colour thought.

The main ingredient for this product is actually Lemon and Grapefruit oil. So this is why it could be so citrusy. However, it does not smell like cleaning products to me which is always a great bonus. This reminds me of a product which is going to wake you up. Which is great for this time of year because my skin is terrible from all the cold weather it has taken such a beating. Murumuru butter and Kaolin are the ingredients which keep the skin feeling soft and clean. Which is one of the reasons why I have been using it so much in the past couple of weeks. My skin is terrible currently. I love it when I can feel a facemask doing something because I know I am getting the most out of my money.

I have found that as well as moisturising my skin it also exfoliates.  Which is another benefit for me who can be way to lazy to exfoliate. The reason why this occurs is because Don’t look at me face mask actually has rice syrup, rice milk and ground white rice within it’s ingredient list. This should mean that my skin has had the dirt removed from it and the dead skin cells which may be lurking in my pores.

The texture of this product can only be described as grainy. Which it something to be aware of because you do not want to layer this product too much.  More so if you have sensitive skin because it could irritate it. The texture does remind me slightly of a body scrub. So this is something to be aware of if you are purchasing this facemask.

Once the mask has been applied, you’re supposed to leave it on your face for 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. What you’re left with is a clean, clear and rather radiant looking complexion, that is smooth to touch and ready to face the day ahead. I loved how refreshed and uplifted it made my face feel after use.

I would recommend that you go and try this facemask because it has worked wonders for my skin. It is £9.00 a for a pot however, if you have 5 black pots from Lush you can take them back and recycle and receive a fresh face mask .

Have you tried a Lush facemask? If so which one is your favourite?

Charlotte x

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