Lush Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo

Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo aims to keep curly hair moisturised and define the curls I know I do not have the world’s curliest hair I have wavy hair instead but I decided a while back that I was going to try it because my hair needs as much moisture as it can get. Some of may know that I have pretty thick hair even though I seem to be losing a lot of it after having Jess at the moment I always seem to have it up in a bun as well because it is so easy and that can cause breakage which is not great at all. 

I will admit that this shampoo did help the condition of my hair and I did notice that the wavy were more defined when I had been using it however, it is not my favourite shampoo for a couple of reasons which is the reason I don’t actually know if I would repurchase again in the future.  

I will warn you that one of the reasons I don’t know if I like it is because the shampoo has an odd texture – very thick, almost looking solid, with flakes of coconut. Due to this you really have to lather the shampoo up so I found it’s best to put water into my hands alongside the shampoo and apply it to soaking wet hair. This then does foam up and work as a normal shampoo would. I know some people may be worried about getting water in the black tub. I didn’t find it to be too much of a problem but towards the end, I did notice that it was becoming a little bit watery which way bother some people but because I had had it open a couple maybe every 

The only downside I found of this was that the flakes of coconut get stuck in your hair as you wash it, but don’t let this put you off as they’re easy enough to comb out whilst your hair is still wet, and the condition of your hair afterwards is worth it. You just need to make sure you get them all out or you might like me think you have super bad dandruff every time you wash your hair with this product. 

I would recommend this to anyone who has curly hair and it is a product that I may go back to in the future but at the moment I am loving a solid shampoo. 

Charlotte x

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