Living Arrows #2- A Week With Daddy

This week does with a massive shout out to Daddy who has taken these pictures for me because I have had exams which meant Daddy was in charge of looking after Jess for 4 whole days on his own I am so grateful and I know he will not mind me saying this he was scared that something would happen. He is an amazing Dad so I had all faith in him and I feel like Jess has had one of the most amazing weeks of her life. This means that most of the pictures have been taken by him because he knows how much I want to do this challenge he also posts pictures of Jess which you may not have seen on his Instagram which is Gijoe689.

This picture is one which shows me how much she has grown up she is sat in a big chair all by herself holding a drink and looking so pleased with herself. I think this picture was one of the first time which made me realise that actually my little one is nearly a year and a half and she is no longer a baby no matter how much I want her to be. This picture was just before we went on a trip to bring me back up north before my exams. 
Daddy is a huge gamer which has now rubbed off on Jess as you can see he has managed to even get her smiling and happy while wearing his headphones. I find it amazing because it proves that girls can be into gaming and it is something which they both enjoy. Jess is always wanting to sit on his knee while he is gaming. This sure is something which is melting my heart I have always had a close relationship with my Dad and this is something which I hope Jess can have with her own Dad. 
The final picture which I am going to share this one where Jess decided that she was going to get into our bed with her blanket. She decided she really wanted to watch spiderman which was on tv that night. I adore how she wanted to watch a film with us because it is one of mine and Joe’s favourite things to do. I will say she did not watch the whole film she managed to fall asleep.We could have another Marvel fan on our hands this would be amazing if we could take her to the cinema the future to go and see the latest Marvel release.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

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2 thoughts on “Living Arrows #2- A Week With Daddy

  1. Oh she looks so grown up! It's so nice that they can both appreciate gaming together and she looks so big in the chair. I think it's natural for any parent left in sole charge to worry the first few times, especially if it's for an extended period but I'm sure he aced it! x

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