Little Diet Changes That Won’t Break The Bank

Do you not all agree how hard it is to stick to a diet?! One minute you’re really on a roll with it, and you can’t help but feel how amazing you’re doing, and promising yourself you’re going to stick to it. Then the next, the pizza delivery guy is knocking on the door, and the diet is out the window again. A big excuse that we all like to have, is that eating a healthy diet is just getting too expensive. It always seems as though a healthy shop costs more, because you have to buy all of the individual items to make a dish. Whereas if you were doing a really unhealthy shop, everything would just be a one packet meal deal, and life would be easier. But money can’t be the reason for you falling off the diet wagon. We know how easy it can be to eat healthy. You just have to know a few little tips and tricks that will help you out. So if you’re desperate to lead a healthy lifestyle.That starts with tackling your diet, here’s how you can do just that!

Meals Using The Same Ingredients

This is a top tip if you’re really looking to save money. We think that a lot of the time, people are buying ingredients for one meal and then one for another. With tons of leftovers that need to be thrown away. You should try making meals plans at the start of every week.  Making sure that two or three contain pretty much the same ingredients. This is so easy to do, and it makes your food shop so much cheaper. But don’t risk your meals becoming boring. You really want to make sure that your healthy diet is actually tasty. Another main reason that people fall off the wagon, is because food can just get a bit bland when it’s not a pizza.

Use Own Brand Products

Own brand products are seriously underrated. People assume that because the store has brought out their own brand, it’s not going to be as tasty. But own brand food can taste just as good as normal, especially when it’s cooked into a meal. Things like loose leaf tea, tinned fruits + vegetables, and cereals are all really good for your body. So many brands out there are producing them daily, but trying variations is so important to see what suits you! It’s the same type of product, you’re just getting it so much cheaper.  As it isn’t a big food brand that has produced it. Pretty much every store does their own brand, so you should try a few out and see which one you love.

Grow Your Own

Another top tip for those of you who feel like healthy food is expensive, you could just grow your own. If you don’t really use your garden for anything, or you have a lot of space, this is a super good idea. It’s so easy to grow fruit and vegetables, it really will save you some pennies on your weekly shop as well. Plus, it gives you a little hobby to keep up with!

How do you try and save money while on a diet?

Charlotte xx

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