Life Update- October 2018

As you might notice I have not been around a lot, both on my social media along with my blog there is a couple of reasons why I have been so quiet.  As you know only a couple of weeks after graduating we started to take the our search to purchase our first family home up a gear. We did put the offer in way back in June and we should have been set to move at the end of July/ start of August as I think I mentioned previously.  There had been so many hold ups which meant that Jess had actually changed nursury at the start of September, this did mean that I had to  commute with her. In total I think I had to catch 7 trains in order to be able to get her there and back while I made use of the time. Of course, this meant to a large potion of the day I had no wifi so I could not really blog that much to be honest.

We finally managed to get the keys on the 13th September which I was so glad about because of the fact that it was driving me insane commuting. I was basically leaving at 6.30am to do the drop off getting back around 11am and then having to go again at 3.30pm and getting back between 8-8.30pm we all know how hit and miss trains in this country can be. It was shattering for me let alone Jess even though she did not have to do the walking thanks to her micro trike. So we spend the majority of September up till the move making sure that it was all boxed ready and the rest of it making sure that things had homes in the new house. Of course within 2 days of getting the keys to the house Jess turned 3 and the house had it’s first birthday.

We have spent at close to two weeks waiting for deliveries and building flat pack don’t worry I did my fair share of helping as well it was not all Joe. I have spent time putting things on the walls and making it feel a little bit more like our home than some others persons which is what it felt like when we moved in September. There is some rooms which I do need to finish like my office but when I feel like I am happy with it I might do some room tours. We have not managed to paint or change carpets yet maybe this will be a next year thing when we feel like we a little bit more settled and have time to do things.

Speaking of time to settle in due the fact that it took us so long to get the keys and it was the middle of September when we finally did it meant we have only had two weeks in the house as a family. That may sound strange to you because as you are reading this we have been moved in about a month but yes Daddy has gone away with work.   We have to now deal with been apart for 8 weeks however, as you do read this it may be just over 5 weeks till he is back not that we are counting down at all. I know that I am going to be doing a lot of solo time been part of a military family however, we are just trying to keep as busy as we can because we have found that this makes the time pass even faster. Soon, before we know it I am sure it will be the end of November and Daddy will be home.

We have some very exciting things coming up in the next few weeks we do have so many fun things coming out which we are going to be sharing on here. I hopefully am going to be able to post more on here now we have working wifi and everything has happened. I really have missed posting because I think since I have not blogged properly since August and it is something which I have a huge passion for.

What has been going on with you recently?


Charlotte xx





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