Keeping Kids Entertained In A Blanket Fort

Autumn is going to be here before we know it. Gone are those nights where it is too warm to sleep and hours spent in the garden reading a book. As much as I love the long summers evenings autumn always holds a place in my heart. There is something which I just love about been super cosy. For sure it is something which I am looking forward to. Today I am going to be sharing some of our favourite things to do to keep kids entertained on rainy days.

Time4Sleep, a bed and furniture company (who sell some really nice stuff by the way) is holding an event on August 29th in Leeds to try and build the biggest ever blanket fort and break the current world record. To help set the scene, Time4Sleep have challenged parenting bloggers and their little ones to build their own forts at home. They sent us a kit of everything we needed to build a blanket fort.

Building a blanket fort is something which Jess loves to do when the weather is pants. She actually calls it a den. I think that she loves building a fort so much because it is something to hide in when the weather is pants. Usually we spend the majority of the day in the fort. They are super simple to build and the whole family can get involved. We usually use the sofa to make it extra comfortable.

We used two single fitted sheets which we attached to some brushes we used the handle. Then we used some pegs as well to make sure that it was all secure we do not want the blanket fort to collapse. As you can see we used some of the very bright duvets sets. Of course, you want to have some colour on a really dull day. We even used some pillow cases in order to make part of the den a secret hideaway. Of course, you can decorate your fort however,you want next time we build one we are going to use fairy lights. We did not do that this time as it was not as dull.

Some of favourite things to do in the den is play games. Who does not love playing board games on a rainy day. Jess is now at the stage where she has a bit of a longer attention span. One of the games which she loves playing is UNO. This game can take a long time so of course, you want to be comfortable in your fort. We also sometimes play guess who which is another game Jess is getting into. Of course, you can play which ever game you and your children love.

Watching films in the blanket fort is another thing which you could do. As you can see from the picture we always have blankets on hand. Been comfy and warm is something which I love so of course, we always have some to hand. With streaming services such as Netflix it means you do not have to hunt for the DVD’s. You can just stick on a film straight to your TV.  I know on a recent rainy day when Jess was home she watched Toy Story in the fort. Popcorn and sweets are great when you are having a cosy day in watching movies.

You could also bake this is one of the best things which me and Jess do. We both love to create tasty treats when the weather is rubbish. Of course, you can eat your goods when you have finished. For sure I know this is something which we will be doing more when the weather turns. You could have the treats while you are actually in the blanket fort or den which you may have built. They usually go down so well with a cuppa and also with a film.

Reading books is another thing which Jess loves to do so much. She has a whole range of different books on her bookshelves. On rainy days when she is not bothered about going out she will often come down and ask to read stories. We have managed to get a number of books for her preloved from charity shops including some of the Disney classics. Then this also helps her know who is who when she is watching some of the films. I am so glad that Jess is a little book worm.

What do you do to keep your kids entertained when the weather is not great?

Charlotte xx



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