Keeping Hydrated with Aqua Carpatica

As some of you know that I am in training as such for my 100km in under 30 hours.  I am trying to get a little bit fitter, of course, this is going to help me feel better while doing this. Increasing my water intake is also going to help I know that.  Thanks to the Aqua Carpatica this is something which I have been doing.  I do not drink enough water as you are meant to drink 2 liters per day. This is something which I have been trying to achieve since the start of the year. I am having a lot of mixed days sometimes I find it very easy to drink a lot of water other days when I am busy I can find it a struggle to drink water.

I was contacted by the lovely people at Aqua Carpatica to see if I would like to review their water. This is untouched spring water which has is the source in Romania close to the forest.  Which is free from chemicals and farming. This does mean that it is pure spring water which is as pure as it can be. This is always a bonus when you are drinking bottled water. It is a lot better for you compared to water with a lot of chemicals pumped into it.

I got sent this huge 1 litre bottle of still water. This means that you could very easily carry it around it with you. For example, I could have it in my University bag. The still natural water is great for when the body needs healthy hydration. It also has the lowest sodium level of any bottled water which is currently on the market within the UK.  This is great for me because I can get dehydrated because I forget a lot of the time to drink. More so when am busy writing my dissertation. I seem to be losing hours to writing that and neglecting my own health.

I have been putting this in the fridge because of course, chilled water is always the best. This I think has made it taste even more clean and fresh. You can taste the difference compared to normal tap water.  It is a lot softer maybe this is because I live in an area that does have hard water. So maybe if you do live somewhere with softer water you will not be able to tell the difference as much.

Due to the fact that the bottle is large, it can be kept in the fridge. You can grab a glass when you need it for me this is sometimes after doing a lot of time on my computer or when I have been running around like a crazy mummy.  It does allow my body to have the fluid which I need to refuel. For sure this has stopped me been very dehydrated which can become a problem for me.  I can completely tell the difference when I have been drinking water I seem to have a reduction in the number of headaches. Which I get and also I feel like I have a lot more energy. This could be due to my body not wanting to shut down as much.

For a 500ml bottle, the RRP  for the still natural water is 69p and 1 litre is 89p while 1.5 litre only 99p.  This is very cheap considering other brands charge 99p for 500ml this can be more expensive depending on where you are purchasing it for. This for me is very good value compare to the other prices. Aqua Carpatica is amazingly priced. You can purchase these bottles throughout the UK in Tesco, Ocado, Amazon, and independent stores.


I would recommend giving this water a try if you are like me if you are struggling to drink enough water. The benefits are huge drinking water this is very clean and easy to drink which makes me want to drink more so I feel refreshed and feel the benefits. It is great for those who are like me who are always on the go but still need to be able to stay hydrated.

Do you drink enough water?


Charlotte xx

I was kindly gifted Aqua Carpatica however, all views are my own


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