Keeping The Cost Of Days Out Down

Going on days out are something we love to do, however, they can come with a huge cost.

We try to make sure that we have as many days out as we can. This is where we feel like the memories are created for Jess. Of course, there is times where we have had in days as well doing baking and crafts. Since the turn of the year, we have had visits to the circus, zoo trips, farms visits and of course trips to soft play. There have been other days out which I may have not fully remembered.

I have a few tips which we do in order to reduce the cost of the days out. Today I am going to share with you some of them in order to save the pennies for your family. Instead of watching the pounds you can actually enjoy and watch the memories being created.

Check if they do student/military discount

I know that this is not going to be something which applies to everyone. However, with me being a student and a Joe in the forces, it can see us been able to get to get some money off. I know for example when we got to the cinema we can get money off and places like Twycross Zoo did do student discount. Sometimes it does make the tickets as cheap as the children’s price. If you have teenagers are college the majority of them can get student prices too.

Check the attractions facebook page

We have managed to saved money by checking the attractions Facebook before we actually visited.  I found that some of the attractions do money off or mum goes free on Mother’s Day and I think that some of them are actually doing it for Father’s Day.  I know for sure Pink Pig Farm did it.  Places such as the local soft play place which we enjoy taking Jess to have an offer on. Which is 10 sessions over the summer holidays for £40. Some places are cheaper as well to visit during the term time which if like us you are not dictated by school holidays. It is a great way to be able to save some pennies.

Use sites like Groupon

Going out for meals after a long day out because you can get amazing deals on a number of restaurants. Alongside this, you can also find amazing deals on attractions and things to do.  For example trampoline parks, nerf gun session and paintballing all things which you could do with your children or friends. Just browsing groupon made me realise how much  fun things there is in my area and also areas which we are looking at visiting in the future.

For example we have a trip in August to Manchester and I have been looking at things to do without breaking the bank in either Manchester or Liverpool. There are things like bus tours which you may want to do if you are visiting a different city in order to be able to see everything.  Which you may not have been able to if you was walking.  For example the bus tour in Liverpool has a massive 55% off which is a huge saving of around £15 per person.

Take your own food if possible

Food at places can be very expensive for what you get due to having the monopoly on you. For example we found that at the zoo two coffee’s was around the £6 mark. It may be easier to take your own in a reusable travel mug. We decided to go when the weather was nice so we took a picnic. It was a lot cheaper than the food which we would have had to pay.  Make sure that you check if you can take your own food and drink . Some places I know you can not consume products which you have not purchased on the premises.

Do your research

There are many days out which can be free or cost very little. I know the majority of the museums in Hull are free, along with the National Railway Museum in York. It is worth checking the area which you live or are looking to do a day out in and see what you can do for free. Some of the best days out we have had have been in parks or places which have not cost the earth. Another element to check is to see if your ticket means that you can have access back to the attraction for the next year for free. At the moment we have annual passes for Eureka which was included in the price of our original ticket. I know this is something which The Deep also do and I am sure a number of other attractions.


Do you have any tips to save money on days out?


Charlotte xx

This post is in collaboration with Groupon



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