Keeping A Bathroom Clean In Your Busy Family Home

Keeping a family bathroom clean isn’t always the easiest of tasks. It’s used by multiple people, multiple times a day and it’s not always the quickest nor the most pleasant of household jobs.

Your bathroom should be a clean, organised space for hygiene and to prevent accidents. By finding ways to keep on top of your bathroom, you can make sure it’s a place that everyone feels happy using, and doesn’t become somewhere you dread cleaning each week.

Here are some top tips and hacks to help keep your bathroom clean in a busy family home.

Do a little spruce each day

One of the best ways to keep your bathroom, and the rest of your home clean, is to do a short cleaning burst each day. Instead of letting it pile up to the end of the week. If you set a timer for 30 minutes and try to tackle as much as you can in that time. You’ll find things become a little more manageable. Some ideas for daily bathroom tasks include:

  • Clean the toilet
  • Give your sink, taps and bath a wipe over
  • Clear any rubbish or laundry that’s been left lying around
  • Check toilet roll levels
  • Give the bottom of the shower a wipe.
Protect your flooring

The bathroom floor can easily become grimy and dirty with lots of feet using it each day. The good news is that a pedestal bathroom mat and a bath mat can cover a lot of your floor space to help keep the floor clean and dry. Just remember to wash them regularly. 

For deep floor cleaning, this handy floor care guide can help you keep on top of your bathroom floor. A dry mop is a good way to clean a bathroom quickly and easily, and leave it smelling fresh too!

Keep the toilet clean and smelling fresh

When there are multiple people using a bathroom each day, the toilet can easily start to look and smell less than fresh. Regular cleaning using bleach and other products will help keep smells at bay and leave the bowl sparkling.

Adding some disinfectant to your toilet brush holder is a great way to keep your toilet smelling nice during those regular cleans. While also keeping bacteria under control. If you want to keep your toilet smelling fresh at all times. You can buy a toilet disk or a cleaner that sits under the rim to help keep your toilet clean while also releasing a nice fragrance. 

Dust before you wipe

Bathrooms are like magnets for dust. Between the hair, towel fibres and everything else, dust will build up quickly in your bathroom. Have you sprayed your sink or another surface to find the dust gathers and becomes difficult to get off? You might need to alter your method!


Dusting your surfaces first can help remove the initial dust build-up. So you can then follow up with cleaning products to get them really clean. There are some great tips you can use to help reduce dust in your home that will work in the bathroom too.

Stop your mirrors from misting up

When a mirror mists up, the urge is there to wipe it with a towel or hands. Especially for kids with the urge to write on the mirror with their fingers. But the good news is, there are some great hacks for keeping your bathroom clean, which include how to keep your mirror steam-free. The answer is shaving foam! Applying some shaving foam and wiping it gently away could keep your mirror in fine form for a couple of weeks.

Use storage to keep everything organised

It’s very easy for a bathroom to become cluttered. Between all of the toiletries, towels, cleaning products and everything else, your bathroom can start to look a mess. It also makes it harder to keep clean. Getting everyone’s things organised can help your bathroom look more spacious, and it won’t feel cluttered. There are a lot of different bathroom storage solutions you can consider to help bring your bathroom back under control. Storage baskets for each member of the family can be particularly useful for everyone to be responsible for and find what they need.


A messy bathroom can be a lot to deal with. Between the toothpaste stains and shower gel on the tiles, cleaning the bathroom can take a long time, and it’s a job you don’t want to leave for too long. Stay on top of your family bathroom with the tips above to keep your space looking sparkling.


How do you keep your bathroom looking nice?




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