June Empties 2015

Hi Guys

Today I have decided that I am going to do something which I have never done on my blog previously and do an empties post.  I realised how many products I have to actually use up and have open before I move into my new uni house.

The first product I used up was the Timotei Vivid Colour Conditioner  this is a pretty cheap conditioner for me to use to be honest. Saying that I did not find that I used a lot more of this conditioner compared to when I use Aussie. This is a conditioner which I would purchase again if I saw it and did not have the money to spend on Aussie or Tigi which I know really works for my hair.

I also used up The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub this is a lovely scrub it smelt amazing which is always a bonus when you are putting the product all over your body. I feel like this scrub was not too harsh on the body which is always a benefit, I am gutted that this scent of body scrub was special edition and they no longer stock it however I would repurchase a different scent in this.

Another product which I have had for a long time is the Soap And Glory Hand Maid Cleansing Gel I found this in one of my bags when I was changing bags and decided that I have had it for so long so I need to use it up.  I really loved the scent of this however I found this was a very watery product for for an antibacterial gel this could have been due to the fact that I have had it open for a long time and should have used it before. I might repurchase this again in the future however have started using on from Primark which is so much cheaper.

The Superdrug Vitamen E eye make up remover is something which I picked up on a whim because my other make up remover was running out so I just grabbed one when I was in the store. I have to report the fact that I actually really like it so much that I have repurchased it which is amazing for me because make up remover is one of those things I just change up. If anyone is looking for a cheap thick cream make up remover I would recommend trying this product,

Samples are a thing which I am drowning in currently due to the fact I used to have multiple subscription boxes and sometimes get goody bags at events which I get to attend through my blog, The Activbod cooling finishing lotion  is a sample which I received I think it was in January Birchbox. This is a product which I used to use on my feet after work when my feet felt like they where on fire and I must admit it was something which cooled my feet down. This product I must admit is very sticky which is one of the reasons I am unsure if I would repurchase this again however if ever see this product I may be tempted or if I ever see it on offer,

Primark Nail varnish Remover Pads these where something which I purchased one day when I was on my way somewhere and could no longer stand the fact of how chipped my nails were. However these nail varnish remover pads were not the best they were quite dry which meant that you used a few to get off tough nail polish, This tub is something which has just sat on my desk since that day and I noticed them a few weeks ago and decided that I would use them up so I did not have to move them. They are not something I would repurchase again but they did the job for what I needed at the time.

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads are something which I have heard may bloggers rave about so I decided that I would pick them up. Wow they are as amazing as everyone says they are. They are actually soaked in the product which for me is a good thing because I like the pads to be wet and they are. This is a product which I would definitely repurchase in the future currently I am using the gel version of this product which I got in a bundle when I got these. Currently these pads are half price at boots so if you are thinking purchasing these now would be a good time.

The final item which I have used up is just a basic aquafresh toothpaste which is something which we all have to use there is nothing special about this product and I will admit that I am not most loyal when it comes to toothpaste I will just grab whatever is cheapest or on offer and at the time I need it it most.

Have you tried any of these products let me know what you thought about them if you have?

Charlotte x

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