Joie Every Stage Car Seat Review

When you have a child one of the most used things which you will need is a car seat. I think this is something which we used nearly every single day. Around 18 months ago we had to replace Jess’ infant carrier and I did a lot of research into finding the best car seat for us. Of course, it has to be something which works for you all. Jess spends a bit of time when she is going around in the car.  We chose the Jolie every stages car seat in the black colour this is one which is going to last her until she is around 12 years old or 36kg. Which is scary because it is such a long time away.

One of the reasons why we chose this car seat was because it has 5 different reclining settings. This allows you to reface until 18kg which is around 4 years old.  You do have to wait till your child is around 9kg to forward face which approximately is 9 months old.
We didn’t reface once we got this car seat because Jess was a nosy child. She actually wanted to look out of the window we actually let her do this. Even though we know the benefits of having your child refacing for a longer period of time. If we was to have another child I think I would reface for longer. There are another 4 settings which allow you to forward face which is amazing. This means that once your child is kicking the back of the actual car seat and this could be annoying you may want to change the setting.
Due to the fact that this car seat can last till your child is 12 you are able to adjust the headrest. It has 10 different settings and this is something we have found is pretty easy to be able to do. The sides also can widen which allows your child the room they need within the car seat. Of course, this is not a full car seat when they become older it becomes a high backed booster which fits in the guidelines within the UK. When this occurs the 5-point harness gets tucked away and you use the normal seat belt. Which means that it is not in the way. Currently, we have to use the actual seat belt in order to keep the car seat safe meaning that it does not move. 

This car seat can actually be stripped down and the covers thrown in the wash. Which is something which we have had to do in the past because Jess can struggle with car sickness. This is handy as well if you have a small child in the car who could do the same. I have also had to wipe it and found it dries pretty quickly which is amazing if you are like us you are always using it. This car seat is very easy to actually install into your car and can be done in only a couple of moments. Which is great if you have to change it between cars or take it out to clean. 
Jess must find this comfortable, we have found her sleeping in this for long periods of time.  While she has been travelling. It  comes with thick padding on the shoulder straps and buckles meaning it is even more comfortable for the child. For sure this car seat is very well padded as well as being secure. 
I would recommend any parents who are looking at either purchasing their child’s first car seat. Or are not bothered about been able to click it into a pushchair.  Or parents like us who were looking to replace their infant carrier.  I know it does seem expensive at close to £200 however it will last your child a long time and you can not put a price on their safety.  If you are not interested in rear-facing you could look into the Jolie elevate 123 car seat another car seat I own. 
Do you own the Jolie ever every stage car seat if so what are your thought? 
Charlotte xx
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