Jess at Three

Dear Jess

Today you turn three, how is it that three years ago today you came into our lives. It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago since you was a baby not much bigger than Daddy’s forearm and now you are a full of life three year old. You are so boisterous I do not know how you have not actually caused yourself a serious injury yet. Walking is something you don’t know how to do you have to run and travel everywhere at 100mph.

You are always talking sometimes I wish you would go back to not chatting so much. You tell us everything and sometimes you tell us it multiple times. Like for example if you are telling us something which happened yesterday you will always say last week. It just goes to prove how long a day must be for you if you think it lasts a whole week. You have been so excited about moving into the new house it is all you have been speaking about , I think you are just so excited to have your own space something which you never have had before.

You love exploring and seeing what you can find we are finding it harder and harder to keep you indoors, we must have spent hours at the park this year. Thank god the new house has a garden which means you are going to be able to do even more exploring than you already do.  You have been really using your imagination recently this is something which I can only see improving now you have turned three. Roleplaying with the paw patrol pups, cars and even food seems to be some of your favourites at the moment. I am sure once we crack out the lego there is going to be even more for your brain to explore.

Jess you have turned to a lovely little girl from the one who did not want to go to nursery when she first started to the one who never wants to leave. You have just left your first nursery due to us moving house and everyone said how much they are going to miss you because you are always there and life and soul of the party. I am proud to say that you are my daughter the majority of the time apart from when you do have tantrums over nothing. I can only become prouder of you as you grow and develop I know at the moment it is hard for you because of the fact that you are having to make new friends and find out where you fit in. It will not be long till your begging me to let you go to nursery on a weekend again so you can be with your friends.

I can only imagine the adventures we are going to have now you have become a bigger girl. I for sure am looking forward to all memories which we are going to be creating, i know there is going to be a lot more now you can do more.  Don’t forget your always going to be mummy’s little girl no matter how tall or old you are.

I love you so much


Love Mummy xxx

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