Jess at 6


Dear Jess

Today is your 6th birthday how time has flown. It does not seem a long time ago since you turned 5 and started school. But it has been a whole year since that happened now. You have really thrived been at school it was something which I think you were more than ready for. You now have a great number of friends which I am so glad about. Reading is something you have realised that you love . For sure you have turned into a little bookworm this is something which we love doing together. I will often find you reading to Troy as well which is so cute.

This year we have done so much at home because of lockdowns. They have still continued which has meant that you have had to home school. This was a challenge I hope I never have to do again because I would rather be your mum and do fun things with you rather than been your teacher. Fingers crossed the days of zoom lessons are over and now all your school days are going to be inside of a classroom with all of your friends. Last year you also had to go without seeing family for periods of time. I know this is something which you found super hard because you love nothing more than family. Family Facetimes is something which became a huge part of our life.

The lockdowns which we have had this  has meant that we have not been able to do as many days out as we might normally have done. Slowly this has changed we have been able to do some days out. This is something which we managed to do towards the end of the summer.  We have been to the safari park, sundown, soft play for the first time in a long time. We even managed to do a trip to the beach which I know you loved. Maybe we will be able to do more days out now your 6. Hopefully, there is not going to be anymore lockdowns and we are going to be able to do more exploring. Who knows we may even be able to go on a plan next year and have our first family holiday with Troy.

Recently you have taken up Taekwondo which is something which you decided you wanted to do as a result of watching the Olympics. This is something which you have been doing for around a month now. In this time you have managed to get a white belt. You are going to do your grading for your next belt in November as well. This is something which you seem to be loving even if it does wear you out so much. It is going to be an great way to do something else which is not school which is something which we wanted to do for you. After school does take a lot of your time and you get grumpy if do not manage to get something right the first time. You are a little bit of a perfectionist. Hopefully, this is something you stop doing a little bit because you do put yourself under a lot of pressure. I am so proud of how you have adapted to taking up a new sport. It has also helped you develop your social circle as well by having friends outside of school.

Sadly this year you did experience death for the first time. If that was not bad enough we actually lost Tracker who was one of your first pets. Then we also lost Great Nan within a couple of days. Once this happened you used to go outside at night and find the brightest star in the night sky and then tell us that it was both of them. You believe that Tracker is now been looked after by Great Nan in the sky.

As a result of loosing Tracker, we could not leave Marshall on his own. So we built him a huge house and run and we got 3 female bunnies from a local rabbit rescue. You decided that you was going to name them Skye, Rosie and  Poppy. There is nothing more you love to help with them. They have taught you so much. You love nothing more than helping feed them stroking them and making sure that they have enough water. I think the only thing which you are not a huge fan of when it comes to the bunnies is helping me cleaning them out too much. I know this is something which you may end up helping me do in the future as your growing up.

No matter what Jess I love you. If you put your mind to it you can do it


Mummy xxx


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