Jess at 4

Dear Jess

Today you turn three, how is it that three years ago today you came into our lives. It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago since you was a baby not much bigger than Daddy’s forearm and now you are a full of life three year old. You are so boisterous. Yet you have become one of the most caring little girls I know. You have made so many friends at your new nursery in the last year. You do not care if they are not the same as you, there your friends no matter what.

This year has had some times where it has been Mummy and Jess. You seem to cope so well when you get used to Daddy been away with work. I am so proud of you because not many people could deal with having to cope with one parent away for a long period of time. You always speak about Daddy when he is not here. Of course, one of the biggest changes we have had this year is announcing your going to be a big sister. I do not think you can wait till after Christmas when you become a big sister. You keep telling us that you are going to have a little sister. We do not know.

This year we have got the rabbits which of course, you had to name Marshall and Tracker. Safe to say the paw patrol obsession has not gone away yet.  You love helping with the bunnies as much as you can and stroking them gently. Well until one of them tries to attack you. You have loved been able to spend time in the garden this summer now we have our own house. You have been making the most of all of the space. By using your paddling pool on the super hot days we have had this year. Lego and magnets are something which you have become obsessed with this year. You are always trying to build things I blame Daddy. You are always roleplaying with the lego figures. It is super cute to watch you.

When you started your new nursery last year after moving house. You never wanted me to leave because I was the only person you knew. Now we have a battle to get you to leave. You have made so many new friends and been invited to a host of birthday parties for sure we know your a popular child. This must mean your the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with. Currently you are annoyed you can not go to big girl school like some of your older friends however, next year it will be time for you. Just keep excelling at nursery like you are they keep telling us how bright you are.

I can only imagine the adventures we are going to have in the future. I for sure am looking forward to all memories which we are going to be creating as a family of 4. You are going to be an amazing caring, loving and helpful big sister when the baby arrives.  Don’t forget your always going to be Mummy’s little girl no matter how tall or old you are.

Love you

Mummy xxx

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