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A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to The Hepworth Cafe in Wakefield. In order to, test out their new menu which has been changed to tie in with the change of the exhibition. At the next door Hepworth Art Gallery. You may be shocked to find such a instagrammable cafe in Wakefield. From the drinks menu which looks like a cinema listing board , to the views out of the windows which let so much light in. Who could also forget about all the plants and decor which The Hepworth Cafe is home to.

There drinks menu is a wide selection of hot drinks which are available. With over 95 different selections and blends of tea available this is heaven if you are a tea drinker. If like me and coffee is more you thing there is a wide range of different types of coffee available. They even are home to some amazing coffee art which impressed me so much. Then The Hepworth Cafe is somewhere which you really need to visit. They also have a wide selection of cake to go with your coffee.

Of course, the Hepworth Cafe does a wide selection of food including vegan, vegetarian and also gluten free options. No matter your needs you will be able to find something delicious to fill your stomach. From lighter meals ranging from salads to Pulled Pork burgers for sure they is going to be something which wets your appetite.


If you do not fancy a whole lot to eat at lunch time the salads could be the perfect option. I found that they were full of flavour. For sure some of the salads may not have been something which I would have chosen if I had been visiting. The Hepworth Cafe have orange, beetroot and goats cheese and roast cauliflower and lentil salads. I found both actually very pleasant to consume at £7 the portion size does justify the price combined with the taste.


Beetroot Fritters and Avocado Stack

Truthfully, this was one of my least favourite meals.  I think this was due to the texture of the beetroot it was something which I was not used to. I would order something else of the menu instead of this if I was to visit again. It was packed with flavour which you may not expect from a meal which has beetroot as the main ingredient.  I am sure that there will be a lot of people who will enjoy this meal but its just not for me.

 Yorkshire Rarebit

Cheese on toast if you know me is one of my favourite meals full stop. So when we got to try Yorkshire Rarebit which was made with Wensleydale cheese I was over the moon. This was packed with flavour which can be hard to get when you are making a posh cheese on toast. The bread was fresh which was a huge plus as you know some of the cafes food is not always the freshest. At The Hepworth Cafe everything is made to order so you know it is going to be super fresh and of the best quality it can be. This was one of the tastiest Rarebit I have tried for sure I could just demolish some right now.  I might have to make a another trip back just to make sure that I can have this again.

Spanish Tortillia

The Spanish tortilla for sure was one of those meals which shocked me. I actually did not have high expectations for this meal for some reason however, it was beautiful. It is such a simple dish but I found it to be so light. In my head I thought it was going to be more stodgy. This is is one which I would order again it is so simple but a dish which works. If you are not overly hungry this is one which I can imagine you wanting to order. This would make a great lunch and of course it does not break the bank which is always a bonus. Next time I may add chorizo to the meal because if you know me it is one of my favourite things.

Sweet Potato and Three Bean Chilli.

Chili is something which I adore at the moment for me it is a go to comfort food. I have had it in so many different ways however, I never have had a vegetarian chilli. This is until now where at the Hepworth cafe they do a sweet potato and three bean chilli which is to die for. It has all of the spices which you expect in a chilli it comes with the tortillas. This is one which I could have consumed the whole portion of due to it been so tasty. This has made me want to try more veggie meals as they can be packed with flavour and still be filling. I would say that this is one which you need to try if you are feeling hungry as the portion size is pretty large. This does mean that is it very good value for money though at £8.

BBQ Pulled Salt Brisket Burger

I would order normally because pulled pork is something which I find so tasty. However, I have had it before where it has been too dry and lost its flavour. This is not the case with this offering I found it was packed with flavour and sauce. This is what I prefer in a burger to be honest.  Sweet potato fries are standard with this burger which makes a change as usually they are extra. If you are not too hungry you could share this meal by cutting the burger in half. For sure if I took Jess I could do this. I know Joe would not actually share because he could consume the whole burger himself. At £9 this is so reasonably price for a burger of the quality. I think this is going to be one which I have to take Joe to try because I know how much he likes a burger.

Smoked Haddock Tart

Again this is a meal which had I been visiting myself is one which I would not have chosen. It was one which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is so full of flavour of the ingredient which is has within this tart you may not expect. As it only has leek and smoked haddock in it. Leeks are not one of those vegetables which gives a lot of flavour but combined with the haddock was beautiful. This was not too heavy at all which is great because I find this is something that I do not want at a lunch time. The potato salad which this comes with is not too big either and I find this a great accompaniment.  This is one meal I would recommend should you take a visit to the Hepworth.

Apple, Cinnamon Pancakes with Salted Caramel and Ginger Ice Cream

I will be the first to admit I do not have a hugely sweet tooth so this may affect my views. The topping of apple and cinnamon really work. To me this makes me think of Christmas on top of a pancake which is never a bad thing in my eyes. The pancakes are so light and fluffy which is what I think a pancake should be however, the stack is large. I would recommend sharing or actually ordering the children’s portion. The ice cream works so well and is one which I could eat scoops of it I was allowed and I am not a huge fan at all of salted caramel which says a lot. For a sweet treat for you to share or eat alone if you have a sweet tooth and are hungry these are amazing.

Black Forest Cherry Compote, Dark Chocolate and Cream Pancakes

Again the portion size of these pancakes are huge.  For sure, I know Joe and I could actually share these because they are so larger. I think of the two stacks of pancakes I tried these were my favourite because I am addicted to all things black forest. These for me are a winner the whole flavours work I and could happily share these with a friend over coffee while watching the world go by. These are not too sweet which is what I expected them to be instead I found them to actually be very tasty. For £6 these are amazing value and if you do not have a huge sweet tooth or you are visiting alone I would recommend the mini portion.

Thank you so much to the team at the Hepworth cafe for inviting me to taste the new menu. To find out more about the cafe, go to: and more about the executive chef at . This opportunity was through – a leading influencer network in the north of England.


Will you be visiting the Hepworth Cafe?


Charlotte xx

I was gifted this experience in order to share my views with you.

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