Infacare Nightime Bubble Bath Review

Bubble bath is something which we get through a ton of in our house because as you might know Jess is such a water baby she seems to love to the water and if you offer her the chance to have a bath she will more than likely snap your hand off and have one. Usually, this does end up with me been covered in water but as long as she is having fun to me that is all that matters. We are lucky because Jess does not actually suffer from sensitive skin at all which means that we are pretty lucky that we can just pick up any brand of bubble bath usually based on the smell and use that. We have been known to use whichever has been the cheapest at boots or the supermarket depending where we have been shopping when we need more bubble bath. 

Recently I was contacted by Infacare to ask if I would like to review their nighttime baby bath and of course I took up there offer. It is a brand which we have used in the past because it was on offer and was one which I said that I would repurchase in the future, however, have not managed to get around to doing so. 

Infacare night-time ultra mild baby bath is kind to babies’ sensitive skin and creates long lasting bubble this is something we found that was the case because even with Jess splashing around in the bath we found that there was still plenty of bubbles left when it was time for her to get out. This is something which really pleased Jess as she is a massive fan of bubbles and she does like a lot of bubbles and this is something which happens with this bubble bath. 

I can not say that this bubble bath did make Jess sleep any better because she already is a pretty good sleeper so I could not comment on this element. However, I have noticed that she does have a beautiful scent when she is getting out of the bath when she has been using this product. I have noticed that when she has been washing her hair it does not matter if some of the product gets in her hair she does not seem to be crying which means that it must be sensitive enough not to be upsetting her eyes. 

The bottle is a huge 750ml which means that is going to last a while which is always great for someone who is busy like me because it can be pretty easy to run out of bubble bath and forget to purchase it when you are somewhere which sells it. When this happens it does mean that Jess ends up having to use my Lush something I like to keep for a treat. I will be picking some more of this up when I this huge bottle does come to an end. It can be picked up in all major supermarkets and places such as Boots and Superdrug and retails for £3.50 for 750ml however, regularly can be found on offer. 

Have you tried this bubble bath if so what did you think?

Charlotte x
This post does contain a PR sample however, all words are my own as ever 
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