How To Design the Perfect Children’s Playroom

There are plenty of great reasons to create a playroom for your children. It gives your kids a dedicated room to play and hang out, not to mention providing you with the perfect place to put all of their toys. This means that the mess can stay in one room, rather than cluttering the house.
But how can you create the ideal place for your children to play and store their toys? Check out the following tips to help you to design the perfect playroom.

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Finding the Right Space

The first step to setting up a playroom is to find the right space for it. Ideally, your playroom should be out of the way. Without being miles away from the rest of the family. Even if your kids are old enough to play without someone in the room with them.  You still want to be able to hear what’s going on. 

Many parents choose to turn a spare bedroom or secondary reception room into a playroom, but not everyone has an extra room going free. However, home extensions add a great option for designing a playroom, and you can even choose the size and shape of the room before building it.

Plenty of Storage

One of the primary advantages of any good playroom is the fact that you can put all of your kids’ stuff in one place, rather than having it spread throughout the house. It’s an obvious place to put their toys, but you can also keep homework projects and other learning materials in there.

With this in mind, make sure that you plan plenty of storage in your playroom. If you think you have enough shelves or drawers, then add at least two more. Storage boxes are also very handy, especially if they can double as little seats.

Put Your Stamp On It

As with any room in your house, you should make sure that your playroom has a touch of personality. A playroom should, by definition, be fun and playful. Include your children in the decor of the playroom, as they’re the ones who will spend the most time in there.

Most playrooms feature bright colours so that they inspire fun and creativity. Use your kids’ artwork to decorate the walls, framing their favourites so that they can truly put their stamp on things.

Age-Proofing Your Playroom

Children, as you may have noticed, don’t stay tiny forever. They eventually grow up and their needs change, as do their preferred play activities. But the playroom doesn’t have to be abandoned as your children get a bit older.

The trick is to redecorate and allow the playroom to change with them. If you have children of different ages, you may have to create an age-proof environment that keeps everyone happy. For example, an adjustable table can provide the little ones with a place to play and draw, while also giving your older children a place to do their homework or to work on their art projects. 

Communicate with your children and make sure that the playroom suits them and their needs even as they get older. 

If you have a playroom what else would you recommend?

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