How To Bring Nature Safely Into Your Home

Raising young children is an adventure of every day, especially when you want to create a unique décor at home. 

Gardening and houseplants can inexplicably turn into a chaotic mud bath. So much for the joy of bringing nature into your home. However, there are plenty of safe tips to keep your home nature-friendly without having to fight little ones off your favourite plants. 

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Unique natural cleaning products

Keeping your home spotless and hygienic begins with creating a house chore routine. However, bleach and other chemical products, while they can be super effective to keep your surfaces clean and smelling fresh. They can be harmful to curious and exploring little ones. Instead, you can search for safe cleaning products and tips that use the goodness of mother nature. Bio cleaning products often contain citrus fruits and vinegar, which removes all stains and will leave the room feeling fresh too. 

You can use hanging plants to capture excess humidity for high moisture areas, such as the bathroom. They are out of reach of wandering little hands and prevent mould growth. 

Create a self-contained vegetable garden

Growing your own vegetables can become a family hobby. If you are an enthusiastic gardener, you can get your children interested in plants. By teaching them how to grow their favourite veggies. Little ones are keen to contribute to the garden. They will be excited to harvest fresh tomatoes and beans! You can also give your home garden a little boost with specific Hydroponics Equipment from Essex Hydro-Garden to protect your crops. From grow kits to tents, the right equipment can preserve crops from sudden frost or hungry wildlife. 

Focus on safe and sturdy plants and bushes

Young children are quick to grab and taste and surroundings. They need a multi-sensory experience, so it’s essential to find garden plants that are non-toxic. Thankfully, many child-safe plants can also contribute to creating a fun and elegant garden area. Nasturtium is naturally attractive. They are also a delicious accompany in a salad, so you can rest assured that little ones will be safe. Pot marigold is another fantastic choice with its colourful petals. You can also use it in salads, so it’s a win-win! 

Dandelion and daisies are fun perennial additions to the garden. They make lovely little crowns for agile fingers, and you can safely let children play with them. Mulberry trees are also an exciting addition as their berries are delicious, and the tree will last several generations! 

As children get older, you can also bring more diversity into the garden. Introducing a new variety of plants without fear of accidental ingestion. 

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Safe and exciting houseplants

Finding non-toxic houseplants is an easy task. However, keeping little fingers away from the soil can be challenging. Unlike garden plants, houseplants can not sustain messy games without damaging their roots! But, you can opt for plants that kids will want to help grow, such as making them responsible for watering the plant. Little ones often prefer fragrant kitchen herbs because they get to eat them too! 

Bringing nature into your home begins with finding solutions to make the most of plants’ features without putting your children at risk. Non-toxic plants are a must! Bonus points for parents who can find edible plants so your little ones can have fun helping in the garden. 

Plants and flowers are something which we love in our house. I can not wait to be able to transform the garden again this year.

Charlotte xx

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