Handy Gifting Tips For Your First 4 Anniversaries

Every day with the man or woman of your dreams is a gift all on it’s own. However, when that special
day comes around – the anniversary of your wedding, you have a great excuse to celebrate. Each year, spouses struggle to think up the perfect gift for the person that they love most in the world. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s easy to get lost in your ideas. If you’ve had trouble thinking about what you should be getting the love of your life for your upcoming anniversary, don’t panic. Here are some gift ideas and tips to assist you with your first four anniversaries, so you can stay on your partner’s good side.

For Your First Wedding Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is the easiest. Associated with paper, this important day highlights the
fragility of your relationship in its newness, but it’s withstanding potential. Paper can easily be torn,
or last a lifetime depending on how well you look after it. The great thing about having paper as a first
anniversary gift, is that there’s so much you can do with it.
You could write a love note to your betrothed and have it framed so you can place it in your bedroom.
Alternatively, why not make your partner something special, like a rose made out of pages from one
of their favourite books? The modern version of the first anniversary gift is the clock, there to remind
you how fast time can fly, and how precious your time is together. Why not buy your spouse a clock
that’s personalized with a picture of you on your wedding day? Remember to enjoy a bouquet of pink
carnations for the first anniversary too- symbolizing youthful love. UKGifts.co.uk has lots of other
great ideas for ladies gifts too if you’re having a hard time choosing something.

For Your Second Anniversary

The traditional gift for the second anniversary of marriage is cotton. This item symbolizes both
strength and comfort. It highlights how much you’re settling down together in your marriage and
demonstrates the resiliency of your relationship. You could use this opportunity to invest in some
luxurious high-thread count sheets for your bedroom. Or treat yourself and your spouse to a set of
matching bathrobes.
A modern twist on the anniversary gift for your second year together is china. This is an easy option
to buy with, because all you need is a china plate, or a china vase that you can place lilies and cosmos
in. These are the two flowers often associated with the second wedding anniversary, and they
represent playful love.

For Your Third Anniversary

Things start to get interesting in the third year of your marriage, with leather as the traditional gift of
choice. Leather in your marriage represents security and the sense of touch. The material is flexible
and durable, a good reminder of what great love should be like too. For your third wedding
anniversary, consider getting your partner a personalised journal, or a new belt or wallet that has their
initials engraved into it.
The modern modern version of the third wedding anniversary gift is something made from crystal or
glass. Glass and crystal are meant to represent reflection and beauty. There are tons of things you can
do with this theme for your anniversary gift. For instance, you might buy a beautiful vase or a candle

holder for your other half. Alternatively, invest in some crystal earrings or jewellery to show your

partner how much you appreciate their beauty. It’s totally up to you.

For Your Fourth Anniversary

For the fourth anniversary, the traditional gift of choice is fruit or flowers, which is a pretty simple
option for anyone who’s struggling to figure out what to buy. Fruit and flowers represent the fact that
your love is thriving and growing. At this point, you’re well on your way to becoming the world’s
best couples, and flowers make a lot of sense. You can get all kinds of floral arrangements these days,
from amazing succulents in terrariums, to pressed flowers that are encased in glass.
The more contemporary gift for the year of your fourth wedding anniversary is an appliance – which
might sound weird, but it can make for a fantastic gift. You could always buy your partner that
cappuccino maker that they’ve been looking for, or the mini robot vacuum cleaner that you both really
want. Get creative with your gift and combine the future and the past with a self-watering plant that
tells you when it needs more food.
What did you get your partner for your first 4 wedding anniversaries?
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