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I am sure that most of you have heard of the company graze box.  A lot of bloggers have them and also advertise a lot with companies. For example ASOS when you get a delivery and also inside magazines. For those of you who have not graze are a company that send you a  personalised box which has 4 snacks inside. These snacks can be anything from flapjacks and brownies through to nuts, omega-3 rich seeds and beef jerky. You can choose from 100+ tasty treats and get your hand-picked snack box delivered to your home or work for free. After all who does not like snacks.

A while ago with my ASOS order I got a code for a free graze box. I have seen people who had them before who have done similar and reviewed them on their blog. However usually it was a lot of things which I did not fancy. Or they were they were things which I would not eat. Recently I noticed that there was now a children’s box. So this is something which I did a little bit more researching on. It seems to have more things in that I would prefer to snack on to be honest.  There is nothing wrong with sometimes choosing the chidren’s option if that is what you do prefer. 


As you can see in my box I received golden flapjack which tasted amazing. They have more flavour than the ones which you get in a packet. I have not managed to get through the rest of the box which is a shame. Instead I  have tried a little bit of each of them. I must say that I was amazed by the quality of the products I didn’t excepted it as it has been in the postal system. For sure I am  really looking forward to having the rest of the cheese balls and tomato sticks. Another good thing about graze that they fit through the letter box so it means you don’t have to be in when it comes. With it been the children’s box it has your name on it which makes you feel special no matter how old you are. 
These would be great for putting in your handbag when your children want snacks. They would work for after school when kids seem to be really grumpy till you feed them as well.  For sure my kids are always claiming they are hungry. Of course, I would have to check the ingredient to make sure they do not contain honey while Troy is under 1.  For sure, they are now something which I would think about resigning up to.
If you are a new customer graze will send you a box free which allows you to try  the service . This then allows you to see if it is for you just visit If you do like the subscription you can have a free box on your 5th box and 10th as well as your first using my code. Graze boxes are priced at £4.99 which is not a bad price when they are posted to you. It saves trips to the shops where you may spend more.


Have you tried Graze if so what did you think
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