Goals For February 2019

After what seemed to be the worlds longest January it is finally over and we are in February. I know now this is when the days and the year is going to start to fly this always seems to be the case. I found myself to be really motivated by making some goals for January. Let’s look back and see if I achieved last months goals.

Last Month

Personal- I managed to meal plan all month which is amazing because it did mean that some money got saved. Always a bonus at this time of year, I think I managed 2 veggie meals a week for most of the month. I think I may have failed last week however, I am blaming that on been poorly. Another thing I am blaming been ill on is failing to go to the gym 3 times a week. I managed to what I think was flu and had no energy for a couple of weeks. I am hoping to get back on it this week. A massive success for me was reading I had planned to finish just two books but I managed 5. I have cut down the amount of TV time in order to read. I have reviewed the book I think was best this month.

Work- I wanted to engage more with my followers I think it is something which I managed to do. Well before I fell of the face of the earth. I managed to maintain both Instagram over 1000 and twitter 1500 followers. This is amazing because instagram has been hard to maintain recently. Pinterest I have grown from nothing to around 10k views per month which I think is amazing. I want to grow this even further this month.

Money- I managed to earn the money to cover my phone bill. I actually managed to cover half of the nursery fees which is amazing. I want to be able to cover them all the months when there are not school holiday by the end of the year. This was achieved by selling at least 20 items which boosts out income. I also looked into additonal income streams but I need to look into this more next month. Purchases this month where only the essentials as I was on a spending ban. This is something which I may do again in the future.

Now it is time for the goals for February.


Make lists of freezer and kitchen cupboards– I have a lot of food in the freezer and in the cupboards. One of them is that full it is barely closing so I would love to make a list and know what food we have to use up. This will help me meal plan and of course, save some money this month.

3 Work outs a week- I do not want to end up undoing all the good work which I did before I became ill. I want to make sure that I keep it up because I have already had to get rid of a couple of pieces which were big for me anyway which are now too big for me to wear them. I am going to aim for 3 gym sessions but they may be home workouts sometimes depending on my life.

Start Planning some days out- Planning where I would like to visit this year is something I want to do this month. They do not have to be expensive weekends away they could be simple things like visiting some local attractions. I always feel better if I have something pencilled in I love to look forward to things so I think this is something which I need to do.

Cook more– this may sound stupid because I am rarely eating out and ready meals. However, in the last couple of weeks I have barely been cooking meals from scratch they instead have been coming from my freezer. Now Joe is home I want to be cooking more again because this is a great bonding time for us.


Double what I earn though my blog last month- last month I did not have the greatest when it comes to earning through my blog. There was a lack of money to be earnt. I would love to increase what I earnt this month or have the work lined up for the next couple of months.

Use Tailwind- This is an element which I need to get using, even more, this month. It helps schedule pins for Pinterest which is always a bonus. I have found when I have been using for my impressions to go up which is always important on Pinterest. You can also support and help other bloggers which are always a nice thing to be able to do as well.

Hit 100 followers on Pinterest– This would be crazy seen as I have only been taking it seriously for around a month. I have noticed an increase in the amount of traffic to my blog as a result. Currently, I am on 50 followers so this could be a challenge but one I am looking forward to trying. I am loving this platform so much for finding inspiration as well which helps. If you do not already follow me I can be found here.

Use Facebook Page More- my facebook page is an area which I have been neglecting for a while. It could be due to me rarely using facebook personally but this is something I want to change as I know people love it. I have found that I can get some good engagement from it as well it if I post regular. I am only about 19 followers away from 200 to. If you want to you can follow me over there too


Sell another 20 items- I have been sorting out so much and found items which I no longer have a need for. I need to either sell some of them and get the money for them or donate them to somewhere relevant because if I do not do this then the house is going to end up clutter which is never a good thing.

Looking into additional income sources– this is something which I started to do last month. I do have a couple of ways of making money they are very small income streams. Everything adds up and of course, I will be looking into more this month I would have last month but due to being unwell for a couple of weeks I did not get around to it.

Keep the weekly food-shop to under £35 – This is something which I want to keep an eye on this month. Since we have been meal planning a lot more we have been saving money on food. I do not want it to slip and we end up spending a lot more than this a week. I think this should be easy obviously some weeks will be more expensive than others.

Check if we need things- this may seem stupid but currently, I have Netflix on trial. I need to make decide if I want to keep it and if I do I want to cut back somewhere else in order to make sure that I am not spending too much. I am going to check the sky bill make sure we are getting the best value for our money. This is something I try and do every few months to make sure we are not wasting money.

What do you aim to do this month? Please let me know in the comments below I love to see what people want to achieve this month.

Charlotte xxx

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