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Don’t panic if you still have not found the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. I might be able to help you there. Today I am going to share with you a website which delivers fresh flowers to your loved ones. They are great because if you are like us and have loved ones who we do not see on the big occasions.  Such as birthday’s, anniversaries, and Christmas until after the occasion. Sometimes it can be weeks or months after when we see them. However, sending them flowers which will arrive on the special day or as close as you would like to. It is amazing they even deliver on a Sunday should the big day fall on a Sunday.

I love the fact that you can order flowers on certain bouquets have them arrive the very next day. This is amazing if you have forgotten or there is something which has come up which means you would love to send a bunch of flowers to a person.

I was sent a medium bouquet of flowers from Prestige Flowers they are the pure delight bouquet which you can find here. They are £30 for the size which I was sent and due to the fact that it is close to Christmas, they have sprayed the leaves gold.  I think is an amazing touch to make it a little bit more festive and brighten up a home. It is something different to what you normally see. Within this bouquet, you get lilies which for me still arrived in bud and have later flowered, This meaning I got more pleasure from them. They also have avalanche roses and yellow carnations with solidago and pistacia.

Once I unwrapped this amazing bunch of flowers which actually came with a glass vase.  Which I know is an added extra, however, they are the perfect for the size of the bouquet.  It is recommended that you top up the water every day . Which if you do like I have has seen me have these flowers for way over a couple of weeks now. Some of them look still as new as the day we received them. Which is great if you are sending them for a present because you want them to last as long as possible.
Another element which makes Prestige Flowers stand out is instead of been a company which charge you for extras.  For things like chocolates which way over priced you actually get them free from Prestige Flowers. I think this is such a nice extra touch to be honest. It does look like you have spent more money on a gift than you may have. This for sure could get you in someone’s good books.
The flowers come in with water wrapped around them.  Which mean that they are not going to dry out while in transit to you or who you have sent the gift to. This means that they should be the same quality flowers when they leave the company as when you receive them. There is nothing worse than receiving half dead flowers at all.
Recently they have added a section to their website which allows you to purchase hampers. This is great should you want to send something other than flowers. For example maybe you think the recipient would prefer sweets, other food or bakery items. I know several people who I could order this for. The prices again for this do not seem to expensive for what you get at all. This year I may end up purchasing a couple of these as gifts for people who we may not see at all this year.
This is for sure a company which I am going to be using in the future. What company do you use should you need to send flowers to a relative/friend who lives a fair distance from yourself?
Charlotte x

These flowers were sent to me in return for a review, however, all thoughts and words are my  own 


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