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Ever read a book and then not know what to do with it when you have finished it. You maybe like me and not have a great number of friends who are readers. So swapping and sharing books would not really work. I can not keep hold of them because.  I have close to 150 books on my to be read pile. Giving them to the charity shop would work .But it does mean you have to spend money getting new books. It also can be hit and miss if they have books which you want to read. This is where Bookmooch come in.

Bookmooch is a website which allows you to give away old books which you have finished with. While receiving those which you have your eye on.  This means no more reading books which you do not want to really read. Those ones which you are only reading because the charity shop had a poor selection. However, you only wanted to spend a small amount on a preloved book.  You may be thinking but if I use bookmooch it means that I get a book off the person who I am sending to and they may not have something I want to read. This is not a problem when you are using bookmoch. You get points for books that you send and you can use them on any book.

For books which you send in the same country as you +1 is received. So if you are like me +1 will cost you £3.20 as this is how much second class is usually for books. The same happens if you want to get a book from someone else in the same country  you spend 1 point.

Bookmooch is international.  You can mooch from other countries if the user will send to your country. Some people do not like sending abroad. I full understand as postage is more expensive. It is slightly different if you do a international you receive 3 points. This does mean you can get 3 books from your country. You do not have to spend the points all at once.  I have had my bookmoch account for around 3 years now and have 188 points to spend. One day I will use some of the points when my collections goes down.

With bookmooch you have to accept the mooch.  Which does mean that the person who has the book may reject. So there is no guarantees you get the book t. However, they are thousands of users which means the book is likely to be listed again soon. So far I do not think I have ever been rejected. However, I have only done about 5 where I have requested book so far. I have found that bookmooch moves books fast. Usually my books are only on there a couple of weeks.  I think the reason behind this is because if you have a book on your wish list and someone add it you do get an email.  You do even get 1/10th of a point for adding books which soon adds up.

Have you used bookmooch?


Charlotte xx



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