Gift Guides- Father’s Day 2018 Edition

Can you believe that it is nearly father day already it does not seem like it was long since I was writing up my Christmas gift guide.  However, today I am going to share with you some ideas which you could purchase for the special man in your life your dad, stepdad, uncle, grandad or whoever it may be.  I know that occasions like this you want to make them show you care and love them without actually breaking the bank.  Joe has been a lucky guy because for the past few weeks maybe a month has been testing out some of these products in order to give you a small review of the items.

The first brand which I want to share with you is Admiral Male Grooming they are a brand who do skin care, beard and hair care for men. As you can see from the pictures above their products look very expensive however, this is really not the case. The quality is very high, to be honest, I have tried these products and I think I would rate them as good as the Lush ones which I normally would reach for.  I think my favourite would have to be the facial scrub you really do only need a really small amount due to it going a long way. It is actually very scrubby which for me is always a bonus as I want to feel like it is doing something without being too rough on my skin.  The products range from around £13-£25 depending on what you are purchasing there is going to be a whole review of the company coming up and a discount code for you all. While browsing their site I did notice that there is a lot of money off products at the moment which may be worth stocking up on. This is something which we have done due to the fact we both love the products so much. There is something there for every man and they do not have a harsh Male scent if anything they are very unisex so you could both end up using them if this is something you wanted to do.

Want something a little more personalised Max Louis Creative maybe have the solution. They do personalised prints are handmade and made specifically to the gifter’s requirements. There are 3 different styles to choose from: personalised word photo, personalised oil effect print. They are unique, completely personalised and special gifts for loved ones. As you can see have had a picture of Jess and Joe printed it is an old print however, it is one which I do love.  You can choose between 25-100 words but I did struggle to find as many words I think I just picked over 25. I do not think that it looks too sparse though. This is a present which is very personalised and would look amazing in a frame on a wall somewhere in the house, For sure it is going to be one which I need to get a frame for so we can hang when we finally get our own place later this year.  For the one like mine they can be ordered from as little as £12.99. You do have to order by the 11th June in order to get in time for Father’s Day.

Another thing when it comes to Father’s day which we all think about is shaving products.  Wilkinson Sword have launched there new  Hydro 5 Sense razor. This is designed to make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your face which shaving which could cause your skin to look tired and old. Something for sure you do not want you dad to look this razor from what I have been told by Joe is actually a good razor as someone who shaved daily for work he does not want to be applying too much pressure and causing damage to his skin.  The razor does change the amount of pressure it’s self which means that you do not have to do anything extra.  It does also help protect from irritation which is always another big bonus and it doesn’t break the bank coming in around the £12 mark.

Another personalised gift which you could purchase this father’s day is a  super dad slate coaster. This allows you to put your name or the child’s name above super dad.  Joe spends a lot fo time on his computer and always needs to drink more while playing games. So this is the perfect gift for him because it means that he knows where it is and should have a drink on him. He also adores superheroes for example Marvel so this was a very ideal gift for him. Due to the fact that it is actually slate it meant that is not going to crack as easy as a cheaper one and it is personalised with Jess’s name which is always a bonus.  It is from the lovely company Norma and Dorothy It retails for £9.50 with postage. I actually want one with super mum this is something which I might have to try and find closer to mother’s day so we can match.

Cards are something which I can spend hours creating due to the fact I can spend hours on moonpig. However, Norma and Dorothy also do some amazing personalised father’s day cards as well which meant I only had to spend a short time creating it. Which is a bonus because then I can spend more time with the family.  The one I choose really is because of the fact he will find it funny I struggle to purchase Joe a card because of the fact that it is his birthday like 5 days before.  So it means that I have to create around 3 cards for the same period of time.  The card is handmade to a very high standard way above the one which I could make even if you do not purchase him a gift this year I am sure this can would more than make up for it.

The final item which I am going to include in this gift guide is another razor because for sure you can never have too many of these. Unless you have an amazing beard gosh I can’t wait for the day Joe can grow one again. Gillette has launched a new Chrome razor which is exclusive to Boots. This razor is designed with 5 anti-friction blades which means that you’re going to reduce the chance of getting shaving rash and irritated skin. The back of this razor also allows you to reach those hard to get areas which you may normally miss alongside the roller ball which means that it is easier to shave. The amazing thing about this razor is the fact that it can last up to a month of shaves without needing the blade to be replaced.  For only £15 this is going to make sure that your dad is clean shaven save some of his money.

What are you getting you Dad this father’s day?


Charlotte xx

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