Gift Guide- Stocking Filler Edition 2019

Today I am going to be sharing the final one of my gift guide series for this year. I have decided against doing one for her and one for him this year. I do not think that our gender should affect what presents we purchase. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about gender stereotypes.  I am going to share with you some ideas which you could use as stocking fillers or small presents. There are a wide range and course a selection of different price points. After all, we have different budgets no two people are the same.


Who does not like to receive some sweets at Christmas after all it is the time to indulge a little bit? You, of course, could purchase a selection box or their favourite sweets. Jelly Beans go down such a treat there are so many different flavours I am sure that you are going to find some for everyone. If you have a Harry Potter fan in your house. They even have some amazing flavours which are the same. Of course, you can spend, however, much you want on sweets and you can get as many as you want. I think I may be purchasing some Jelly Beans for presents again this year.


If the person you are purchasing for likes to read whether this is constantly when they are at home. Or maybe they just read when there on holiday books can be a perfect present. They are something which I gift often because I love reading and want others to enjoy my passion. Recently, I have purchased Elton John’s book for my Dad for his birthday. I have also purchased another couple of books for Christmas as presents. It does not matter if you are purchasing for children or adults. I am sure you will find something which they will love.  For sure books are something which I love to receive as I seem to smash through books.


Facemask is something which I have purchased as part of the presents before in the past. Usually for one of my best friends or part of a hamper which I have made in the past as presents. Receiving a face mask can actually motivate or remind people to actually to some self-care.  This is a good way to get your friend to try a facemask which you have been using for a while which you may love. For me at the moment it is the t-zone glitter masks which I have been loving recently. This has left my skin more glowing and this is something I need because pregnancy has ruined my skin at the moment. These are not going to break the bank you can pick them up for around the £2 mark.

Bath bombs

For some reason, bath bombs are something which I love to receive. I think this is because it does give me a chance to try some new brands. I like to pick up scents which I am enjoying because this does mean that then I am sharing my favourites. Before I used to go straight to Lush if I needed a gift. However, now due to the price of some of their bath bombs I have changed. I now shop around a lot more and have been using bomb cosmetics. Or the Yorkshire Soap company I would recommend checking out both because they do some amazing scents and we have found they work for us.

Treats or Snacks

Sometimes getting food is one of the best presents which you can get. In the past, I have been gifted twiglets because they are my favourite. We have also been gifted things such as cooking pastes to make our own curry’s.  Treats are something which I do love because I am always snacking at the moment. I was kindly sent some treats from Gregory’s Tree which are natural tasty fruit twist a snack bar free from dairy, gluten and wheat and made with 100% organic ingredients. They would be a great treat for someone who is not a fan of chocolate a little bit like me. These have so much flavour I was meant to save some for my hospital bag, however, because there are so nice, I have not managed to do this.


These are amazing if you have a family if you do not live close. You can make your own photobook or even in a magazine format which you can get sent to you every single month. This is a gift which I think is ideal for people like us who have grandparents who we do not get to see that often. Neevo is an app which you can add all your photos to and get your family members to add to as well. This is an element which I like because it does mean that you do not have to have the pictures. You can also add quotes or comments. I have a discount code which means you can have your first month completely free using the code CUPSOFCHARLOTTE

Shaving Kits

Shaving is something which the majority of us actually do and it is one of those presents which is actually going to be super practical. Trying to reduce plastic is something which is something which I know a number of people are trying to do at the moment. We are one of those. Razors are an element which a lot of use a lot of plastic. I know Joe has to shave every morning for work so this means that we go through so many. You can get some amazing kits which are great for starters. Reco does an amazing plastic-free shaver this is one which Joe has been trying out for a couple of months. It comes with a safety razor which is a weighted plastic-free razor which actually seems to do a really good shave. You also get some shaving soap I cannot comment on how good this is because Joe is still using the milkman shaving gel which he has had for the longest time now. You also get 5 shaving blades which means that you can use them for a long time.

Candles/ Wax melts

These are another gift which I love to receive and give as well. Yankee candles are amazing and have some great scents if you are looking to spend a bit of money. I usually try to get a scent which I think the person will actually like rather than just purchasing one randomly. If you are wanting to not spend a lot of money of course, places such as Home Bargains, B&M and Aldi do dupes. I have never had a bad experience from these companies and usually, they do have a good throw. If you know they do have a wax burner, of course, you could purchase some of these as a gift. I used to be obsessed with flamingo candles I still have so many of these to be used. Cleeves is another brand which I recommend getting your hands on if you can. They even do some dupes of lush scents.


What do you like to put in people’s stocking?


Charlotte xxx

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