Gift Guide- Pre School Edition 2019

Today I am going to be sharing the pre-school edition of my gift guide for this year. I am going to be sharing some of the things which my daughter Jess loves she is 4 years old now. I might include some of the items which I am going to be giving her this Christmas as a gift.

Orchard Toys

This a brand that we love we have purchased a number of these for ourselves. As well as giving them for gifts to nursery friends who have had birthday parties as well. There is so many of these different games which you can pick up and of course, you can play them with the whole family. For sure we have had a hours of fun with these. Some of our favourites are actually shopping lists, the bus stop game and also dotty dinosaurs. I am sure these are a brand which if you are a parent you will already know about. They seem to range from about £8-15 so they are not going to break the bank. Of course, you are going to have hours of laughter and in this house, they get competitive for sure this is a brand we will be purchasing more from in the future.


Books are something again which Jess loves.  We try and read a story every single night as part of the bedtime routine. We have a wide range of different books from Disney ones which we purchased in Aldi last year. I am sure they will have some more of these when they have their toy event I am unsure when this is going to be on this year. However, as a child, I can remember there was nothing better than getting a personalised book. This year I was kindly contacted by goes to sleep to see if Jess would like one of their stories. You can have a personalised message at the front of the book. The character in the book will also be called the same name as your child. You can also change the colour of the character’s hair. For sure I know this is a book which Jess is going to love because reading is something which she enjoys doing.

VTECH Innotab Max 

This is something which Jess plays with at least a couple of times a week. The is so many different designs of the Innotab. You purchase cartridges which have games on a bit like a console, you can purchase a number of different ones. Most of them seem educational as well, I know Jess is addicted to the Cody and Cora Handwriting one this has got her to recognise letters and start writing them. Of course, you can purchase cartridges which are purely games. Jess loves to be able to zone out and play on this. We usually give this as a treat but you can set time limits on this device anyway. The Innotab max is around the £75 mark without any cartridges. There are also some bonus free unlockable features include secure internet browser, , Movie Maker, Magic Beanstalk game and Art Studio. For sure the art studio is something which Jess spends a lot of time on anyway.


This is a present which we received from the grandparents last Christmas. Since then we have expanded the size of our collection for her birthday. Again these are something which get used so much Jess is one of these children who loves to build. A number of the sets come with books which have ideas for your child to build. For sure this the way Jess has had some ideas of what to build. As you can see from the picture we have managed to make a Ferris Wheel which I think is pretty amazing. Of course, the price of these does range massively depending on how big set of magnets you get and also the brand which you choose to purchase. I have noticed that that Amazon always deals on magnets and these sets. It may be worth having a look on Amazon.

Interactive Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth may not be something that your toddler loves to do. However, it has been proved to double the amount of time your child will brush when there is something fun. Jess has actually been lucky again to receive a playbrush smart. This essentially is a smart attachment for a normal manual toothbrush which connects to a parent’s phone via Bluetooth. There are interactive mobile games and brushing rewards. One thing as a parent which I love is it shows you the areas which you have missed. Your child has access to 4 games without subscribing.  The toothbrush sends immediate feedback via the application and gives advice such as “You’re brushing too hard.”, “Brush slower”, or, if your child is mastering it Great brush. Collecting stars and medals is an awesome reward and motivation for the kids for sure this is going to be something Jess loves. Sometimes we have been struggling to get Jess to brush her teeth so hopefully, this is something which helps. I know she is going to love this as she is so competitive and will not want to fail.

Toy Kitchen

This is something which Jess has had for a number of years now. However, it is still something that she plays with so regular. We have the Aldi wooden one from last year and I can not believe it is still standing the amount she uses it. I am thinking we may be able to pass this one down to player 4 as well. If your child is going to get a new toy kitchen I would recommend asking some family to maybe get some play food. This is something which we did and this has meant that Jess has more than enough food to be able to cook for us. Of course, some of it does go walkabout I am sure it will be found in the future though.

VTECH Kidizoom

This is something which we purchased for Jess’ Birthday. This is something which she has been using so much since. Of course, she sees me using my camera so much and taking pictures is something which she loves to do as well. So we thought this would be perfect you can not break the camera or so they claim. It is drop proof I am sure this is something which we will be testing over the next few months. Of course, having a new sibling on the way this means Jess can take a lot of pictures. This will be handy for a day out as well because she can copy me. I know there is a lot of people who have purchased these for there children. The camera does have a 5-megapixel camera which is not great but for sure will be more than enough for a child who just wants to take pictures. There is also games and filters on this camera as well. I think this is an amazing present for only £40 you can get it all over we purchased Jess’ from Amazon.

Baking Set 

Again this is another product which Jess got for her birthday. Baking is something which we love to do as I am sure you have seen on our blog. Who does not want their name on their baking equipment personalisation is something which is so popular with Jess. Of course, if you purchase this as a gift it means that you will get to spend some quality time with your child baking. This is something that I am very much looking forward to doing with Jess. You can also purchase a personalised apron if you order from scribblesandsparkles as we did. I am also glad to be supporting small business because this is something which I try to do every single year. This would go well with a subscription from Bakefulplay which is a subscription service with two recipes which are toddler and child-friendly. You do not get the ingredients however, for £5 I do not think this is bad for some inspiration and they are all linked to a play theme.  I think this is going to be something that I look into purchasing for Jess because I know this is something which she would love. Of course, it does mean that we get to do more baking. Plus it is going to give me some good quality time with her which is going to be a bonus when player 4 arrives too.

What are you going to be purchasing your preschooler this Christmas?


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