Gift Guide- Newborn Edition

Today I am going to be sharing with you a really exciting gift guide. This is going to be one with gift guides for newborn. Of course, this does not have to be for Christmas. You may be looking for inspiration for what to get a newborn when they arrive or for a baby shower. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to get. You do not always want to get clothes as this is something which most people get.

Ewan The Dream Sheep 

Some new parents state that Ewan the dream sheep is essential for them. If you do not know what Ewan is it is a baby sleeping aid and plays white noise. This actually replicates the comfort of the womb with a selection of soothing sounds.  Including actual recordings of Mum’s womb and heartbeat. Of course, these are comforting sounds to the baby. This is something which we are toying with the idea of purchasing for Player 4. I have only heard really great things about Ewan and I feel like he would be a great. There are also alternatives which are similar like Ollie the owl depending which one you think the parents would like the most.

Hape Pram Rattle 

This is something which we have been kindly sent by Hape. Spending time in the pram can be something that your little one ends up doing a lot of. More so if you have other children who still need taking to school or want to go places like the park. So pram toys are amazing you can actual hang this one on the crib when they are a little bit older as well so they can play with it. When they are awake but do not want to get up yet. This rattle is colourful, soft textile play items, wooden beads, cute graphics, and built-in bells. This does mean that they are going to be so stimulated and not ended up bored when you have to do other tasks with the children. You can purchase this pram rattle on amazon. This feels really good quality which tells me it is going to last a while. Another element which I love about this is that it is unisex. Of course, as we are team yellow this is appealing to me so much.


This is something which Jess is going to purchase player 4 a welcome to the world present. Jellycats are something which makes an amazing gift I know people who have had them for years. I still have my first cuddly toy from when I was born and Jess’ is in her memory box. I know Jellycats are not cheap however, they are something which can be treasured for years and years to come. Who does not want to snuggle a really soft cuddly toy to cuddle when they go to sleep. For sure this is something which I would love.

Lamaze Toys

These are something that we had for Jess. She loved her Emily doll we had it attached to the pram for a very long time. She also loved to play with it these are suitable from newborn, they do a large range of different toys. There is some unisex if you do not know if the newborn is going to be a girl or a boy. There have been so many which have caught my eye and of course, we are team yellow. They even do some toy story ones which are adorable. These range from around £10-20 and they are going to last the little one for a while. I even seem to remember that Jess got one of these for her first Christmas when she was about 3 months old.


Muslins are something which you might find essential with a newborn. They are great for mopping up the mess and also using as a comforter. There is some beautiful ones which aden and adias do they are pricy however, they are super soft and apparently wash super well as well. They often do collaborations with Dinsey which I know a lot of parents love.  There are some 101 dalmation ones that I have my eye on I might end up purchasing. They often have some in TXmaxx for a fraction of the price usually they are around £15 when they are in there. They come in some gorgeous gift boxes which would make them even more of a perfect present. As a new parent, you can never have enough muslins. If you do not want to spend that much we have also found that Primark do some amazing ones which feel super soft as well even when we have washed them.


This is something which I have been introduced to in the last year and it is something which I am thinking about doing in the future. If you are not sure what whirl is it is subscription service from £10 a month where you get tokens which you exchange for toys to borrow. There is a huge range of toys on there from those first few months of life to toddlers, preschool and even up to the age of about 12. Everyone who I have spoken to who uses Whirl has always said that the toys come clean and have been sterilized. This is something that I know is essential when you have tiny ones around. One thing which I did find amazing is that you can even borrow jumperoos, and walkers which can be super-pricey. If you keep an item longer than 9 months it does actually become yours to keep forever. I love the idea of this and think it is something that I will be doing for Jess and Player 4. Also, this does mean there is less plastic around and you do not have to find as much space to store things as you can send the toys back when you’re done with them.

Hape Garden Friends Play Arch

Again we were kindly sent this play arch from Hape as well. This is a toy arch that you can hang over the baby’s crib. This play arch will keep your little one amused and happy. Colourful dangling play pieces stimulate baby’s vision, hearing, and sense of touch, helping to develop their brain and motor skills. This is going to be super handy when I need to put the baby down in order to be able to go and have a shower or do a few jobs. I am hoping that I am going to be able to attach this to the Moses basket which we actually have. This is something that I have not actually tried out yet. This is going to be a great gift for the parents because of course, this is going to allow them to have a shower which is something which you sometimes actually crave. Of course, for the baby, it is stimulating which is always something which we look for in babies’ toys. There are beads that they can hit in the bumblebee, apple and also the flower this is going to help with there hearing. Again you can purchase this gift off Amazon. For sure this is one which I can not wait to try out with player four.

What would you purchase for a newborn?

Charlotte xx



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