Getting Spooky Crafty This Halloween

As I am sure you have noticed that this week is actually Halloween. Where I live it also coincides with half-term, October half term, of course, is one which we can have mixed weather.  You can plan to do amazing days out at places like the farm, the zoo or even a walk in nature. Only to realise that the weather is not good enough to be outside all day. So you need to make sure that you have some backup ideas. Arts and crafts are one of those which you can always do and your child will have so much fun. Over the past few weekends, we have managed to do some Halloween crafts. I must admit I forgot how much fun doing crafts is for some reason it seems to be something which we do more in the autumn/winter months. Maybe because this is when the weather has actually started to change completely.  We were very kindly sent a box of craft supplies from the lovely Viking in order to help us have some spooky Halloween fun.

Drawing and doing crafty things is something that Jess adores and does a lot of at nursery. I must get at least 5 masterpieces from her every single week. So getting to do it at home with some amazing new supplies, of course, she was in her element. Due to her only been 4 we did not want to make our crafts too spooky and scare her. If you have older ones or ones who may not be scared as easy you could make spooky crafts with blood and gore. We must have spent hours because this is something which we loved. The first thing which we made was masks because we thought they would be perfect for Jess’ outfit. We struggle to find masks that are so small for her.  Jess’ decided that she was going to make a pumpkin mask as this is something which she is obsessed with.

Frankenstein Mask
Frankenstein which we created

Within the box of goodies there were some mask templates.  This was amazing because I could just pass this to Jess straight away and she could get colouring. It also meant we had the correct mask size. This is not something I am sure we would have if we had not had the templates.  Using the felt tips pens Jess was able to customise the mask and make it completely how she wanted which is always a huge bonus. She could not accuse me of copying what she was doing. I am sure this is something which if you have more than one child is actually key.

There was a prompt sheet which was great because I had a blank mind which means that I was struggling to think of things to create, for some reason I am not that artistic or creative. As you can see I managed to make a Frankenstein mask. I still need to cut this out and add the elastic to make it into a mask. For sure, I may open the door to any trick or treaters in this mask. I also made a skull one which I may give to a neighbour or someone else to do the same as us.

Of course, when it comes to spooky arts and crafts you are not limited to making only mask. If you are one of these people who love to decorate your house for Halloween making your own could be so much fun. You could make your own skeleton, spiders, pumpkins or ghost. The list of what you could create is actually endless. Jess and I decided that we were going to do some spiders and cobwebs. These are going to look great around our fireplace because this is the area we decorate for Halloween. Instead of the window because our front room is not really visible from the road. Of course, we are going to be able to pack them away after Halloween and use them in future years as well.

Of course, these are just some of the ideas which you could do craft-wise for Halloween this year. I have loads more ideas on my pinterest page. Depending on how much your creative juices are flowing and the extent of your abilities.

Have you managed to create anything this Halloween?


Charlotte xx





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