Getting Rid Of Items After A Declutter


Having a spring clean or a declutter but not know what to do with the items you are decluttering? Not wanting to throw them into landfill there too good for that. Normally you would take them to the charity shop help them raise some vital funds. However, there still closed as a result of lockdown. Today I am going to be sharing with you some things which you can do with the items instead of throwing them into landfill.

Sell them to companies

There are websites which allow you to sell your old DVD’s, CD’s and Books to them. This means that you do not have to deal with the hassle of selling them yourself. This is sometime which we did when we decluttered the majority of our DVD collection a few years ago now. You could even donated the money you make to the charity which you would have normally donated them too.  This process is really quick and easy you basically scan the bar codes into the app and then box and label them off. You do not even have to pay postage. For sure this is a good way to get rid of some decluttered items.

Donated to a Free Library

I know this is something which has taken off massively over the course, of the pandemic. You can find them usually on Facebook this is how I found our local one. You can donated your unwanted books there when you have finished with them. Of course, it means you can take some if there is some which you fancy. This is a good way to get rid of books and receive new ones which you may fancy.  For sure this is a way I have donated a lot of my books recently. I have been reading a lot recently so I have a lot of them to get out of my collection. You can even donated baby and children’s books if this is something you have too.

Sell on Ebay or Other Selling Apps

Do you have some clothing items which are too good to just recycle. They are no longer your style or do not fit you, Why not sell them on there are always people looking for clothing, and accessories. I think now there are more selling apps than ever before. Of course, there is Ebay which is the one which most people think of. However, you could use apps such as Vinted and Depop. I have friends which have sold on both and had a good experience.  I think this is something which I am going to try very soon as there is a lot of clothes which are now too big for me in my collection. You could always try Facebook groups for certain items. I know I am in a couple which are good for selling gym leggings in.

Food Banks or Charities

Y our local foodbank may still be taking donations I know ours is. They have been asking for items which as winter hats and gloves while it has been cold. There is so many charities as well which are taking donation for example our local burns club is taking items which they need to donate to families who have lost thing in fires. I have seen them asking for things such as toiletries which you to declutter. I know I have had some in previous years from Christmas that I have not been a huge fan of. These I have donated to the food bank so that someone can get some love out of them.

Facebook Marketplace

This is a good place to sell some of the bulkier items which you may have. People are willing to come and collect we have used this for a few bulkier things. We sold a spare worktop which was in the garage on Facebook and that went within an hour of been listed. The same goes for some left over tiles and bricks they all went very quickly. We have been on the other side as well and picked up items from Facebook usually it is something for the Children. Recently we have picked up a little tykes car for Troy which he is going to be able to use this summer. It does not cost you to list on Facebook either you can charge what you like even give it away for Free. For sure this is one which I would recommend using if you are decluttering.


This is an app which I thought was only for food. I have had an account for a long time however, it was not until the start of this year I started using it. You can donated non food items on there as well which is something I have done as well as food items. I had a number of toothbrushes which were still sealed and we did not need so I listed them. Someone came to collect them there now going to be used. We have given food items away such as stock cubes with too much salt for Troy. Recently we have picked up a slide for the garden as well which the kids will be able to use from Olio. There is always people willing to collect items which you may no longer want.

Are you having a declutter? Have you used any of these ways to get rid of the items which you have declutter?

Charlotte xxx


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One thought on “Getting Rid Of Items After A Declutter

  1. Super helpful post! We moved house during the pandemic and it was really difficult trying to get rid of all the things we had, especially as we went from a 2-bed house to one room! But these are all excellent ideas for decluttering, I hadn’t heard of Olio but I’m downloading that immediately!

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