Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Hi Guys

I know this is a product which has been available for a while and it is one which I have been using for at least 9 months now. I don’t just use this as my only cleanser I use it as the first part of the routine on a night and use it as my only one in a morning usually.

Instead of squirting some out on to a cotton pad and wiping it around my face like I think most people use this product. I have poured so much of this product into an empty spray bottle which I picked up from superdrug, Then I either spray my face with it and wipe with a cotton pad or spray onto the cotton pad and then wipe my face,

I have found this product to be very gentle on my face it removes all my make up on a night which is what I want from my first cleanse and then in a morning it wakes my skin up and removes anything which has been produced overnight such as any remaining facemasks.

This product is amazing because it is so easy to use it and this means that I don’t have to use facewipes when I come in from a night out or when I am so sleepy and really don’t want to do my whole skincare routine. This product now can be purchased in a smaller size bottle than it used to be which is handy for travel because the big bottle lasts for months due to the fact that you need so little for this product to be so effective,

Have you tried this or have a recommendation for something similar I should try?

Charlotte x

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