Garden Finished Project 2019

As you may know if you have followed us for a while, we moved house in September last year. This means that we are still putting our stamp on the house. We are aiming to do a couple of rooms a year. This year one of the projects was the garden. I did share some of my plans a couple of months ago. I did stat that we would be doing the work when Joe had some time off work.


There is a couple of elements which we actually still want to do. This includes getting a chimanea so it is not that cold when we want to stay out later.  It will also help us keep a having a little bit more light which is always a bonus. I know we are going to be using the garden more. When the weather becomes nicer and this is only going to increase with the summer. We are also looking at getting a sand pit for Jess as well. I have my eye on one which is reduce which would fit so I think I just need to order it.

Raised Up Area

Instead of focusing on the couple of bits which we still need to do to the garden.  I am now going to speak about the changes which we have made in the garden. First of all we managed to concrete the raised up area there was elements which were cracked.  This has made it a bit more level. We then have been able to purchase a table and chairs. This was very important for me because it has allowed me to work outside and also we can have meals out here when the weather is nice. We managed to pick up a great bargain we got 6 chairs and a large table for £120.

Of course we had to clean it as well because it was pretty filthy so of course, I got some pleasure using the jet wash. Due to the fact that the raised up area is so high we have had to get some decking panels this means that it is going to be hard for people to fall of and hurt themselves. Of course, I could see Jess become injuries when she was playing in the garden for some reason.


Talking about getting injuries while in the garden we have now had the pond removed. For sure this is something which I could see Jess falling in. There was a wide range of horrible things in it including bricks which would not have been pleasant.  This has been filled in and there is some paving stones there currently however,  I do think that this is where the sand pit is going to be going. This is going to mean that Jess does have something to play with which is always a bonus. The one I have found also has a lid which means that it should not get rain in it or blown around because of the wind.


We have also managed to wash the decking which was a job I loved. I do think I have a bit of an addiction to properly cleaning things in the spring time. We have actually painted it with some stain oil this is a bit darker than it has been previously. I am unsure how this is going to last because it does not look amazing and even but it is better than nothing. I could not believe how expensive the stain actually was but it does look a lot better than been very dirty. It is not as slippy as it used to be when it rained. I might have to do another coat of this on because I think there are gaps where it is missing.


The side entrance to the garage is something else which we have changed there used to be just a large paving stone there. Then we has flat bits of grass where we had been walking however, I was no longer really happy with this anymore.  So we managed to get it so it was level and them built it up which allowed us to put the gravel down. On top of this we have managed to put some of the extra paving stones which we had 4 of. This is going to stop us walking on the grass. As you can see we have added some wooden trail this is to make sure that we do not have the gravel on the grass. It does also mean we can have the two different heights along the side of the garage.


We have dug all of the borders up there was a lot of herbs which had died in the garden and this is not something I wanted in the garden. I wanted to have pretty flowers which were going to add some colour to the garden because after all I wanted it to be a relaxing space. This meant digging it all up and stripping it back but for sure this was worth it.


The rock area at the back of the garden we have not changed too much. We actually painted the planter which was there which was full of bricks. We have removed all if them filled it with soil and managed to plant some plants over there. This means that it is a lot more bright. We have lifted the rocks and made them more even and it looks a lot better than having random rocks. This is an area of the garden which I am so proud of. And it did not cost that much this section.


We had a ton of brambles to remove which of course was not a great job to do. I think we have managed to get the majority of these removed now. They were all along the back and I did not want Jess to end up with balls been popped or hurting herself. Where they where in the garden we have now planted some pants. There was some random pieces of wood and trellis. These where things which were ugly and where starting to rot so I decided that we was going to remove this. It does look a lot better even if the fence is starting to break but this is not our fence.

Wendy House

Working our way around the garden we end up at the wendy house which I have painted. This has made it look a lot better. We managed to get some fence paint which was a one coat one. It is a little bit darker than it has been in the past however, it does look more new. I have managed to paint the white sections which some of them are rotten however, they can to be replaced. I am unsure how much longer the wendy house will last.

The floor on the front has been painted but for sure this rotting. However, the planks of wood go all the way through the wendy house so can not be replaced. I have also painted the bits which are near the window. They have been turned blue instead of white and I feel like they look a lot better than they did. Jess for sure loves it and it does mean that she is going to be able to play in it more.


The other side also had a lot of herbs however, they were dead as well. So we decided that we was going to dig them up completely. Again we have put some very nice plants there because I want some pretty colours there. It does look a lot better than the green and brown dead things which was there previously. As you know I am wanting to add colour to the garden do it is somewhere where I want to be.


There also was two huge planter which had actually been rotting so this was a job to empty them and then get some new ones. We actually purchased the 46L ones from B&Q. They are plastic so this means that they should not rot. We have actually had to fill them up with some compost because there was so many rocks and horrid things. Of course we have decided to put a lots of plants. They do bring a lot of colour which I love hopefully this is going to be last for a while. They did not cost a lot of money to do either which is always a bonus.


Of course, the main addition to the garden as you may know is the rabbits and their hutch. Rabbits are something which we have been speaking about getting for a while now. I think it is important for Jess to understand the importance of looking after others. I also believe that there is a great bond to be had with animals they help when you do not feel great. We have been looking at them for a while and rescued the pair which we have from Pets at Home they are 8 months old. They are two boys who I think are brothers they have been named Tracker and Marshall. Can you tell who named them they have been known to steal my phone and upload pictures of themselves on Instagram.

What DIY projects do you have on doing this year?

Charlotte xxx


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