Fun Activities Your Kids Can Do In The Back Garden

While times are a little strange at the moment and we’re not able to go out and about to explore like we once did, here are some ideas to help keep your little ones occupied in their own garden.


Make a bug hotel

Most kids are fascinated by creepy crawlies and the garden is the perfect place for them to seek them out. They’ll really enjoy putting together a ‘house’ for them all to reside in and it ensures that they can do some bug spotting too. You can of course buy ready made hotels to use, but you can also make one yourself using materials that you have lying around such as pieces of wood, wooden crates, drain pipes, broken plant pots, corrugated cardboard and bricks and tiles. It’s a creative way to keep your children entertained and they’ll be really proud of what they end up building. 

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Camp out and star gaze

Take the opportunity on a clear night to watch the stars from a tent in the garden. It’s a fantastic way to make your kids feel like they’re really on an adventure – even if it is only a few feet away from the back door of the house! Keep them entertained by looking out for shooting stars and spotting how the sky changes throughout the night.

You’re never too far away from your home comforts but it’ll be an exciting change from sleeping in their bedrooms and also a way to spend some extra time with grown ups having a sleepover under the stars.

Set up a bird table

Help your children to appreciate the wildlife in the garden, by setting up an area for birds to feed. They’ll love being able to watch them fly around and sing and chirp from their own spot. You can get everything you need from Little Peckers, including bird food, bird baths and feeding stations.

Your kids will be surprised by how many types of birds come to visit and it’ll give them something to really look forward to, and keep quiet while they’re doing it!

Give your child a plot

If they’re eager to have something to water and tend to, then why not give them a little plot of the garden of their own. It can be great fun digging and getting dirty, and children learn to be responsible and mindful in putting the necessary care to the garden, to reap the rewards.

Start by getting a set of child friendly mini-tools such as a watering can, rake, trowel and spade that they can hold and use by themselves. They’ll love their independence and it’s great for their physical movement and fine motor skills.

Start them growing easy plants such as cress and then they can move onto their own little herb garden eventually. 

Make a fairy or dinosaur garden

Create some magic and excitement by creating a fairy or dinosaur garden within your own garden. Look for items you have around the house and in the garden, such as plant pots, boxes, plantar trays, stones and soil. Fill the items with soil and then plant flowers and plants to create a small fairy/dinosaur world that is ready to have toy figures added to.

What have you been getting your kids to do in the back garden during the nice weather and lockdown.

Charlotte xx

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